Raster Image - Render Fractal

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Raster Image - Render Fractal

The Render Fractal operation is an operation plug-in. It is not installed by default in any of the RealWorld Designer applications, but it can be downloaded from the Online page.

rsrc/render-fractal-config.png image

The operation overwrites the content of the current layer in an image by the selected fractal image. (To learn more about fractals, visit for example Wikipedia.) When the plug-in is installed, you can start it by clicking on "Render fractal..." in Effects menu (the location may differ in various applications).

After starting the operation, the configuration window displays an interactive preview of the generated fractal. After selecting the fractal type and color gradient, you can select a portion of the fractal by dragging the preview with your mouse and zooming in and out with mouse wheel. The slider on the side controls aspect ratio. Some fractals also require an additional parameter that affects the fractal properties. Clicking or dragging in the box in the lower left corner produces different fractals.


GUID: 55238C91-45A3-4D92-90E1-3EC97A82992D

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Fractalint00 = Mandelbrot set
1 = Julia set
4 = Barnsley
5 = Spider
6 = Man'o'war
7 = Lambda
Aspectint0-50...50logarithmic scale
ColorMapstring""a sequence of stops and colors; for example "0,0,0,0,1;65535,1,1,1,1;" (black->white)
CXfloat0.5not valid for Mandelbrot set
CYfloat-0.5not valid for Mandelbrot set

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on November 25th 2012

:-( doesn't work

user icon Vlasta site administrator on November 25th 2012

in what application and what version?

user icon Anonymous on April 28th 2013


user icon Anonymous on May 18th 2013

Broken for me, configuration dialog opens, but is blank. Hitting OK crashes(Realworld Cursor Editor).

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 18th 2013

That is unusual. What version of the editor? Have you downloaded it on the Online page or copied it manually?

user icon Lukcifer registered user on May 25th 2013

:-( Doesn't work

user icon Anonymous on June 1st 2014

i dont get how you use it

user icon Anonymous on August 22nd 2014

See the bar at the top of the application? The one with File, Edit, Image, View, and stuff? Well, click on Effects, and look in the list. In the near bottom, there will be a Render Fractal option. Click that. Then, do whatever you want! Hint: The preview at the top is a preview of what will be generated, so if you move that around, the fractal that is generated once you press OK will move around.

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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