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Icons intended to be used to customize folders on your comuter.

File as folders TeaserFile as folders Icons
by Aston2459It was hard, create icons with true colors.
Music CD Folders TeaserMusic CD Folders Icons
by cimofj22967These icons were made from the standard Music CD Folder.
Special Folders TeaserSpecial Folders Icons
by cimofj26120These icons are made form the standard Special Folder.
Colorful Folder Icons TeaserColorful Folder Icons Icons
by HealingRainbow1492colorful and/or glittery icon folders
Photo Folder TeaserPhoto Folder Icons
by Sirea531Icons to customize folders in your photo collection. If you want more...
RainbowFolders TeaserRainbowFolders Icons
by Jasu636Different colored folder icons
anything Teaseranything Icons
by timbr357
GrungeFolder TeaserGrungeFolder Icons
by #17625Folders! :D Work best on not too dark desktops. ------------- Similar...
Colorful Metallic Folder TeaserColorful Metallic Folder Icons
by Censor_Not1614Colorful Metallic Folder Icons. Made mostly with Photoshop. Batched b...
Cyberpunk Blue TeaserCyberpunk Blue Icons
by codewar65275Cyberpunk Icon Set. Using basic mnemonic shapes sphere for computer s...
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Folders TeaserClone Drone In The Danger Zone Folders Icons
by Censor_Not267Clone Drone In The Danger Zone windows folder icons by request. Also ...
Cyberpunk Green TeaserCyberpunk Green Icons
by codewar65651Phosphorus Green 3D icon set. Based on improved techniques I learned ...
196U Teaser196U Icons
by highmystica553196U - Retro 4-bit 32x32 icons based on the coloring used in my artif...
Snake Skin Folder TeaserSnake Skin Folder Icons
by Censor_Not623Snakeskin folders to go with a matching set of cursors.
Colorsmear Folders TeaserColorsmear Folders Icons
by Censor_Not2659Smeary colorful folder icons. Because I like hysterical color with ob...
Red Hot TeaserRed Hot Icons
by adrenochromedream523a red hot icon mix
Green TeaserGreen Icons
by adrenochromedream1207Green icon set
Folder TeaserFolder Cursors
by RIDDLER175I have made a Folder cursor set that resembles the folder color and l...
Roblox Folder TeaserRoblox Folder Icons
by satencott373
Gradient Folder TeaserGradient Folder Icons
by RIDDLER265Six folder icons in six common colors.
Red Blue Gradient App TeaserRed Blue Gradient App Icons
by Insane Games522These won't look perfect because use an online photoshop sorta websit...
The Crazy study TeaserThe Crazy study Icons
by ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ194These cursors are made like craaaazy please review and comment if the...
gaming Teasergaming Icons
by rix76gaming icon symbols
TV Stuff TeaserTV Stuff Icons
by rix69Movies / Series Icons mix gets an update from time to time
future retro folders Teaserfuture retro folders Icons
by rix17folder icon different styles & patches getting UPDATES
live by night Teaserlive by night Icons
by rix45if you like your desktop dark, these icons fit perfect. ->live by nig...
Pimped Mac Basic Folders (Update 2) TeaserPimped Mac Basic Folders (Update 2) Icons
by rix50slightly modified basic mac folders + pattern / symbols added latest ...
funny happy realworld fella Teaserfunny happy realworld fella Icons
by curs0r44funny happy RealWorld icon set literally useless but i will petition ...
One kind of Folder (Update 1) TeaserOne kind of Folder (Update 1) Icons
by rix27Simple Folders with a lot of everything... will become updates 04/13 ...
Oyster TeaserOyster Icons
by rix16colorful folder / smooth edges Oyster Set
Figaro TeaserFigaro Icons
by rix15Windows Folder Set different colors / styles
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...