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Tag: Metal

Pictures using metallic materials. They can be polished, rusted, or composed of plates.

Rims TeaserRims Cursors
by ZeloZelos862A set of car rims -but without tires. They spin and most have chrome ...
Cartoon Trash TeaserCartoon Trash Icons
by cdl542Cartoon trash objects with a set of recycling bins.
Awareness Ribbon TeaserAwareness Ribbon Icons
by cdl270Awareness ribbons in a variety of hues and colors. --- See a list of ...
Spain Aero Metalic Silver TeaserSpain Aero Metalic Silver Cursors
by easy_sistem1344Aircraft with the flag of spain Mickey mouse hand Aero background
Dragon TeaserDragon Icons
by cdl1920Metallic dragon head profiles. Check this out!
Steel Ultimus TeaserSteel Ultimus Cursors
by J8718A glass orb encased in stainless steel cursor. Thanks to the tutorial...
Harmful TeaserHarmful Icons
by cdl300I thought I'd share some older work from my junk folder, just a few s...
Tack TeaserTack Icons
by cdl464Plastic and metal 3d thumbtacks.
Paperclip TeaserPaperclip Icons
by cdl620Ten 3d colored paperclips that look like the real thing!
Dragon 1 TeaserDragon 1 Icons
by cdl646Dragon profile with glowing eyes standing with mouth open and one leg...
Square Buttons TeaserSquare Buttons Icons
by cdl1863d Metallic rounded square buttons with plastic centers.
Etoile TeaserEtoile Icons
by cdl863Etoile is French for star. Half of this set are completely solid and ...
R0707 (SOTD Reanne new) TeaserR0707 (SOTD Reanne new) Cursors
by resolutehawkline439Here it is! The Brand new Reanne SOTD Cursor! Updates Animated (All h...
Worship TeaserWorship Icons
by cdl171This set is derived from the Etoile icon set.
Baby Arrow™ Super Mario Flash: Super Luigi Tiny TeaserBaby Arrow™ Super Mario Flash: Super Luigi Tiny Cursors
by The Derpy Girl370Sᴀᴍᴇ ᴀs Lᴜɪɢɪ's, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛɪɴʏ ᴠᴇʀsɪᴏɴ! S...
LlumBlau ⚪ TeaserLlumBlau ⚪ Cursors
by AJaxx1138A nice Legacy, cursorFX set from 2005, converted and with a few bonus...
Cold Metal ⚫ TeaserCold Metal ⚫ Cursors
by AJaxx1864A fun, Legacy cursorFX set from 2002 ported for windows. Both sizes [...
Apostle TeaserApostle Cursors
by AJaxx8049A fun cursor set in both [32,48] sizes for windows. Added extra/bonus...
Thumb's Up and Down TeaserThumb's Up and Down Icons
by cdl378This Thumb's Up and Down icon set was created in Corel PaintShop Pro....
Stubby The Cartoonish Bullet TeaserStubby The Cartoonish Bullet Cursors
by Censor_Not1305STUBBY! The Cartoonish Bullet Bored with gun-cursors? Try some AMMO! ...
Gold TeaserGold Cursors
by Censor_Not6651Made with Photoshop CS3 & Greenfish Icon Editor. 32 & 48 px.
3D Heart Teaser3D Heart Icons
by cdl591Multiple design 3d heart icons in a variety of vibrant colors.
Star Wars Platinum TeaserStar Wars Platinum Cursors
by adrenochromedream4196Star Wars related cursors
Color Frenzy TeaserColor Frenzy Cursors
by adrenochromedream2280a colorful bunch of fun cursors
Pyramid Head Lux TeaserPyramid Head Lux Cursors
by adrenochromedream217Pyramid Head of Silent Hill
Black and Gold TeaserBlack and Gold Cursors
by AtomosKalumet2215Does your PC need to be more posh and elegant? Or at least look like ...
Daft Punk TeaserDaft Punk Cursors
by siabob0071392Based on the Random Access Memories cover by Daft Punk! Spent 7 hours...
Out Of This World Too TeaserOut Of This World Too Cursors
by adrenochromedream1850outer space themed cursors
Character Study TeaserCharacter Study Cursors
by adrenochromedream678cursors with character
HIA Bundle TeaserHIA Bundle Cursors
by HungryIronApple379Check out my Youtube channel:
engine parts Teaserengine parts Cursors
by kaua2369this is my first project with cursor. each cursor simulates what it w...
Battleship TeaserBattleship Cursors
by cloelius221This cursor sets theme is the board game battleship by Milton Bradley...
Material Blue TeaserMaterial Blue Cursors
by Bobcat370I am back from holiday, fresh-minded and ready to make more cursor se...
Onyx TeaserOnyx Cursors
by J4081Glad to be back here. Made a set to practice blender animations and m...
Wand TeaserWand Cursors
by ⓟⓘⓚⓐⓒⓗⓤⓡⓤⓢ335This is super simple(except unvailable and hand writing) wand cursor,...
Silver TeaserSilver Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ382This is my second set using RWCE (Real World Cursor Editor) Again I'm...
Axe TeaserAxe Cursors
by Pro81391539Cool weapon (axe) cursors
Ripped PokeROM TeaserRipped PokeROM Icons
by eeveelover64122Ripped using icon extractor & my copy of pokerom (to be more specific...
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