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Orange like an orange. You know, that round fruit.

Shark TeaserShark Cursors
by rix430Shark Set Blue Cursor Set Standard and Animated Cursors
Retrowave Sunsets TeaserRetrowave Sunsets Cursors
by Kronos99The iconic retrowave sunset in various colours! Enjoy :D
RWCE Burning TeaserRWCE Burning Cursors
by RafaElCapo20??:)3035is like RWCE Pack But... BURNING!!!
Vaporwave Fire Gradient Black TeaserVaporwave Fire Gradient Black Cursors
by Foxxey2593A new color palette to try out. Inspired by XP cursors. If you need h...
Classic Windows 1.01 Color TeaserClassic Windows 1.01 Color Cursors
by FlynMaker7225This set adds color to the classic Windows cursors. May seem simple, ...
EU4 TeaserEU4 Cursors
by d0reo498nobody on here uploaded something like this, so i uploaded it myself ...
Fish TeaserFish Cursors
by CoolCreeps783I'll try to release a new one as fast as I can!
Windows 3 Color TeaserWindows 3 Color Cursors
by FlynMaker7461This was requested by RIDDLER. You're welcome. :)
Switch TeaserSwitch Icons
by rix114Switch Icon Set (55xIcons) Preview Image of the complete Set: https:/...
Cinnamoroll Pumpkin TeaserCinnamoroll Pumpkin Cursors
by Britichi61505Just in time for spooky season 〣( ºΔº )〣 This is the character...
Peakarus (Update-1) TeaserPeakarus (Update-1) Cursors
by rix268Peakarus Animated & Non-Animated Cursor Set Preview Picture https://s...
Spike Pointers TeaserSpike Pointers Cursors
by rix4743 Normal Select Cursors Preview Picture
Pumpkin Style Pointer TeaserPumpkin Style Pointer Cursors
by Animelove_1105 ♾️349Kinda late update, but This set is an October ToTM winner!!! Thank yo...
Kagamine Rin TeaserKagamine Rin Cursors
by ko ❤550Vocaloid Rin Kagamine! Updated: 23/10/2023 ・added person select ・...
Gumi Megpoid (orange) TeaserGumi Megpoid (orange) Cursors
by ko ❤189Vocaloid Gumi in orange! Sorry to everyone who downloaded the whole s...
Gudetama TeaserGudetama Cursors
by ko ❤855Gudetama from sanrio, there are 2 versions for the normal cursor. Btw...
Gatito Amarillo TeaserGatito Amarillo Cursors
by ツ☪ wubtastic ♡♥454. - PLS READ DESCRIPTION Creditos Autor: BunnyPloff.deviantart -- Gat...
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?