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Purple, magenta or violet. Aren't they all the same?

Aero Glow TeaserAero Glow Cursors
by Mabzev2755This is a Windows default set of cursors with a smooth shadow. Enjoy!
Augur TeaserAugur Cursors
by AJaxx1489A fun cursor set in both [32,48] sizes for windows. Added extra/bonus...
Synthwave Night TeaserSynthwave Night Cursors
by 4DCube5210A set of Synthwave/Retrowave cursors I made back in 2016, I was inten...
FNAF Purple Guy TeaserFNAF Purple Guy Cursors
by Paradise Murderer2943Purple Guy from FNAF made into cursors because I got bored. (also I l...
Purple Heart Kawaii TeaserPurple Heart Kawaii Cursors
by Orisnismy883489100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Coconut Nekopara TeaserCoconut Nekopara Cursors
by LisSweetie1055!! CURSORES NEKOPARA ATUALIZADOS (03/12/2020) !! -Animações alterad...
Cinnamon Nekopara TeaserCinnamon Nekopara Cursors
by LisSweetie564!! CURSORES NEKOPARA ATUALIZADOS (03/12/2020) !! -Animações alterad...
Purple Unicorn Kawaii TeaserPurple Unicorn Kawaii Cursors
by Orisnismy883555100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Purple TeaserPurple Cursors
by Vlazteron1434All the normal cursors, but now they are purple!
Effects TeaserEffects Cursors
by SixtyMonster2211856!!! CHALLENGE: I made separate cursors. 3 of them is to determine who...
Pink Macaron Kawaii TeaserPink Macaron Kawaii Cursors
by Orisnismy881578100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Rainbow ani/cur TeaserRainbow ani/cur Cursors
by cooolgamer11ka colorful set with rainbow cursor! Enjoy!!! 11/10: added hanwriting ...
Milkshake TeaserMilkshake Cursors
by CutePusheenLove60Cute milkshake set. 6 different flavors.
LGBT+ Flag Themed TeaserLGBT+ Flag Themed Cursors
by Paradise Murderer1122LGBTQIA+ pride flag themed classic normal select cursors. Included: Q...
fun stripes Teaserfun stripes Cursors
by Re-Animator1399multi-color fun
Colorcast TeaserColorcast Icons
by adrenochromedream757colorful sphere icons
aero-pantone-2018-ultra-violet Teaseraero-pantone-2018-ultra-violet Cursors
by 4qts243aero 32x32 based on pantone 2018 color of the year Ultra Violet
aero-atomic-purple Teaseraero-atomic-purple Cursors
by 4qts1002aero 32x32 atomic purple
aero-pantone-2014-Radiant-Orchid Teaseraero-pantone-2014-Radiant-Orchid Cursors
by 4qts222Aero 32x32 cursors based on Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Or...
Tyres Colors TeaserTyres Colors Icons
by RIDDLER407This is a types colors set that contains 33 different colored tyres. ...
Kokichi Ouma TeaserKokichi Ouma Cursors
by AzukiBean1034Cursor set of Kokichi Ouma, a character from Danganronpa V3. I create...
Fairy Tail Bickslow TeaserFairy Tail Bickslow Cursors
by Astro171Fairy Tail Bickslow cursor set.
Dad n. Me TeaserDad n. Me Cursors
by Jorge290Inspirado no Jogo Dad n.Me Link:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica TeaserPuella Magi Madoka Magica Cursors
by Shantae Man130Made using and RealWorld Cursor Editor Improved Homura Hand...
Akemi Homura Hand TeaserAkemi Homura Hand Cursors
by Shantae Man491fixed the "old" hands from this set:
The steel cat TeaserThe steel cat Cursors
by Domenic454The gradient back still works in progress.
Bi Flag Themed TeaserBi Flag Themed Cursors
by Paradise Murderer4521Bi pride flag themed cursors requested in the forums by Perid0t45 on ...
Guns Normal Select TeaserGuns Normal Select Cursors
by Paradise Murderer1762Gun cursors! Including many colors of pistols and AK47's. ¡Cursores ...
RGB TeaserRGB Cursors
by BlueBarry3181This is my first set of cursors, hope you like it!!
Colorful Classic TeaserColorful Classic Cursors
by not used anymore646This is my first cursor set, it has various colorful cursors with the...
Purple Basic TeaserPurple Basic Cursors
by Orisnismy88592100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Improved TeaserImproved Cursors
by ARGs94This is just the improved cursor set. I put a lot of effort into maki...
Fully Animated Pacman TeaserFully Animated Pacman Cursors
by RIDDLER254I have created a "Fully Animated Pacman" cursor set. Yes, they are cu...
Skull Rainbow TeaserSkull Rainbow Cursors
by Lier1417This is my first cursor set! Hope you like them! UwU ---- ¡Este es m...
Fashionable Ducks TeaserFashionable Ducks Cursors
by dingdongdie705these ducks have style! have any cursor requests? feel free to commen...
LLX Purple TeaserLLX Purple Cursors
by RIDDLER530I am sharing this LLX Purple cursor set from the LLX series. This cur...
Shinobu Kocho TeaserShinobu Kocho Cursors
by LisSweetie376Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba
Scrabble Tiles - Purple TeaserScrabble Tiles - Purple Icons
by RIDDLER11I made this purple set of scrabble tiles for you to download. The let...
Kanao Tsuyuri TeaserKanao Tsuyuri Cursors
by LisSweetie404Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba
Scrabble Tiles - Violet TeaserScrabble Tiles - Violet Icons
by RIDDLER10I have been thinking for a while "what if I made a violet scrabble ti...
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