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Tag: Triangular

Art that has a square or triangular shape.

Tailless TeaserTailless Cursors
by Om Nom370This will feature a green Chuzzle(working in back ground and busy only).
Red/Green TeaserRed/Green Cursors
by cursore750My red/green set download comment and vote
Whitegem TeaserWhitegem Cursors
by ChaDonSom2039Simplistic white cursor set.
Greentricity TeaserGreentricity Cursors
by ElectricumViridis494Electricity set that has a arrange of different types of animations i...
Red Gem TeaserRed Gem Cursors
by Wolf Soulblood4585赤い宝石 붉은 보석 紅色寶石 Красный самоцве...
Red Concept TeaserRed Concept Cursors
by Waffsel624First public set!! Looking forward to making more :D
Black Transparent TeaserBlack Transparent Cursors
by design443773>>>> New version of this set:
Design44 twoLine-Blue TeaserDesign44 twoLine-Blue Cursors
by design441915Blue , black , transparent , triangular , cursor
Facebook TeaserFacebook Cursors
by design442101Triangular,animated facebook cursors
Graphite TeaserGraphite Cursors
by bdgg892like arrows? these are designed to make you navigate with elegance bu...
Blaze TeaserBlaze Cursors
by Dervilacus1462An Ambidextrous Cursor on Fire.
Frozen TeaserFrozen Cursors
by Dervilacus1845A Frozen Ambidextrous Cursor
Electrified TeaserElectrified Cursors
by Dervilacus688An Electrified Cursor. MAY BE BEST USED WITH A DARK BACKGROUND.
hextech Teaserhextech Cursors
by kmy120833859animated future-technological cursors. I'll try to add more cursors t...
Gray (Animated) TeaserGray (Animated) Cursors
by Pinkwolf142337Amazing gray cursors and half animated. This took a lnog time to do s...
Acidity TeaserAcidity Cursors
by Cable_Man971014You may use my cursors for anything you want including editing for co...
My Simple Pack TeaserMy Simple Pack Cursors
by ilikepie12360Just a simple cursor set, created by me.
Color Lines TeaserColor Lines Icons
by cdl342This set of 6 different colors and 3D shapes is wrapped in color with...
Pepperoni Pizza TeaserPepperoni Pizza Cursors
by cuv3405Pepperoni pizzas. Includes 6 animated cursors. Cheese and other pizza...
Shapely TeaserShapely Icons
by cdl413Six different designs on six differently shaped 3d buttons make up th...
Metal TeaserMetal Icons
by cdl585Somewhat abstract silver and gold metallic objects with a 3d twist. U...
Gold Galoo II TeaserGold Galoo II Cursors
by ZeloZelos1400This is a remake of the Gold Galoo set I made a while ago. I lost the...
Arrow TeaserArrow Icons
by cdl5733d arrows in various designs.
Matte TeaserMatte Icons
by cdl2103D matte finished squares, circles and triangles.
Spain Aero Metalic Silver TeaserSpain Aero Metalic Silver Cursors
by easy_sistem740Aircraft with the flag of spain Mickey mouse hand Aero background
Minimalistic Glass TeaserMinimalistic Glass Cursors
by SimpleGen805Full set with cute non-chamative cursors.
Black Transparent (new) TeaserBlack Transparent (new) Cursors
by design441463Fixed & updated "Black Transparent Cursor Set(Top-rated)" Previous ve...
Illuminati Takes Over... TeaserIlluminati Takes Over... Cursors
by Ninjaski11z4928Updated some pixels in the animations. I kinda just made this Set bec...
Simple Black and Grey TeaserSimple Black and Grey Cursors
by BB2174This a quick set I made. It is designed to be simple and basic. I wou...
Terraria Purple Style TeaserTerraria Purple Style Cursors
by ETHANWEEGEE200Terraria Cursors have a clearer roll! These cursors are not just in-g...
Big Arrows and Triangles TeaserBig Arrows and Triangles Cursors
by Nibbler171Usᴇᴅ Cᴜʀsᴏʀ Eᴅɪᴛᴏʀ. Usᴇᴅ ʙɪɢ ᴛʀɪᴀɴɢ...
Aurora TeaserAurora Cursors
by AJaxx1270A fun set of cursors for windows. There are extra/bonus cursors to mi...
Fallout 4 Game Pointer TeaserFallout 4 Game Pointer Cursors
by BeyHota1688Cursors based off the in-game cursors from Fallout 4
Diamond TeaserDiamond Cursors
by truth14ful1546Sleek, diamond-shaped cursors with 1 static and 2 moving parts. All 1...
Super Nova ⚫ TeaserSuper Nova ⚫ Cursors
by AJaxx862Another fun Legacy, cursorFX set from 2004, converted and modified fo...
Nemesis II - Blue ⚪ TeaserNemesis II - Blue ⚪ Cursors
by AJaxx4413Special request for Blue. A fun, Legacy cursorFX set from 2005, port...
Blue & White ⚫ TeaserBlue & White ⚫ Cursors
by AJaxx467A fun Legacy, cursorFX set from 2005, converted for windows. It was a...
Mutator TeaserMutator Cursors
by AJaxx3884A fun cursor set for windows. There are extra/bonus cursors for user ...
Dynamic Blue TeaserDynamic Blue Cursors
by AJaxx593A fun cursor set with plenty of extra/bonus cursors for user enjoymen...
White Arrow ⚫ TeaserWhite Arrow ⚫ Cursors
by AJaxx1057A fun, Legacy cursorFX set from 2004, converted for windows. Added so...
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