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White as snow or milk.

Complete RWCE TeaserComplete RWCE Cursors
by RafaElCapo20??:)589Here The New Complete RWCE Cursor Pack! For You :)
Dot (Squarish Version) TeaserDot (Squarish Version) Cursors
by RetroGraphics631I'm back after 3 years :-) A simple yet nice Dot cursor set
Haiku TeaserHaiku Cursors
by hamzasolom2095pls give me your opinions, tell me if i did good
HaikuHand TeaserHaikuHand Cursors
by nibbler632Ported to Windows from Haiku.
Circle TeaserCircle Cursors
by ʎppnᙠ ǝsuǝsuoN2456I started them a month ago but due to not enough time I couldn't fini...
Just The Link Select Hand TeaserJust The Link Select Hand Cursors
by NedInYaHead3128Did you ever think, \"Gee, I wish the rest of my cursor roles were as...
Plastic White TeaserPlastic White Cursors
by FlynMaker7670This set makes your cursor look like something from cookie clicker. (...
Layan White TeaserLayan White Cursors
by nibbler2419The original cursor theme, Layan White, converted into Windows format...
Cinnamoroll Pumpkin TeaserCinnamoroll Pumpkin Cursors
by Britichi61304Just in time for spooky season 〣( ºΔº )〣 This is the character...
AFurryThatIsntGay's TeaserAFurryThatIsntGay's Cursors
by Johansen111669some cursors i made when i first installed realworld cursor editor :)
Spike Pointers TeaserSpike Pointers Cursors
by rix4173 Normal Select Cursors Preview Picture
Kazuha TeaserKazuha Cursors
by ko ❤530i hate genshin impact. for a friend (happy birthday1!!!1!1!) (all ani...
Spray Paint TeaserSpray Paint Cursors
by Animelove_1105 ♾️366This set is a collection of cursors based on the RWD spray paints. Th...
ole32 Teaserole32 Cursors
by nibbler220These are the so-called "Drag and Copy" cursors ripped from C:\Window...
Avatar The Last Airbender TeaserAvatar The Last Airbender Icons
by tauruzsun165reference i used to make the icons:
Custom Select TeaserCustom Select Cursors
by User16This is a set of weird cursors i made using the editor.
Ghost Face TeaserGhost Face Cursors
by bluesclues2159Hi! Here's a ghostface cursor set from the horror movie "Scream". Hop...
(FIXED) emoji skull Teaser(FIXED) emoji skull Cursors
by ツ☪ meloclawz ♡♥234. - READ THE DESCRIPTION PLS emoji skull set! how to download and use...
Gudetama TeaserGudetama Cursors
by ko ❤314Gudetama from sanrio, there are 2 versions for the normal cursor. Btw...
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