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Art related to the Windows 10 operating system.

Genshin Impact TeaserGenshin Impact Cursors
by LisSweetie9480Genshin Impact Cursors
Genshin Impact 2 TeaserGenshin Impact 2 Cursors
by LisSweetie3556Genshin Impact Cursors 2
Kaeya Alberich TeaserKaeya Alberich Cursors
by LisSweetie6167Kaeya Alberich from Genshin Impact
Diluc Ragnvindr TeaserDiluc Ragnvindr Cursors
by LisSweetie8358Diluc Ragnvindr from Genshin Impact
Klee TeaserKlee Cursors
by LisSweetie13kKlee from Genshin Impact
People and Ape TeaserPeople and Ape Icons
by Andyt3050theres a elf 2 men and a man and a Ape created though this site
Green Wheels Roles TeaserGreen Wheels Roles Cursors
by RIDDLER269This is a Green Wheels Roles cursor set that I have created based on ...
Atomic Gold TeaserAtomic Gold Cursors
by J717Brushed Metal Texture with gold finish and Atomic / Atom related them...
Traditional TeaserTraditional Cursors
by SMB_Fan201058A collection of various mouse cursors made by myself, along with othe...
Venti Barbatos TeaserVenti Barbatos Cursors
by LisSweetie9638Venti from Genshin Impact
Xiao Yaksha TeaserXiao Yaksha Cursors
by LisSweetie16kXiao from Genshin Impact
Sagan's TeaserSagan's Cursors
by nibbler187My own cursor set I use every day.
Paula TeaserPaula Cursors
by nibbler329A set of cursors of my favorite Earthbound character.
SGI Irix TeaserSGI Irix Cursors
by DaftiPunki1579Recreation of the red mouse cursor from Silicon Graphics Irix. Origin...
Rainbow pinwheel TeaserRainbow pinwheel Cursors
by ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ5227I have got these cursors from another site.
green handmade Teasergreen handmade Cursors
by rasfsfsfs09897366green handmade cursors my first set (update: the link select is so mu...
Cool TeaserCool Cursors
by mancool9053Hey Guys, I Think I Might Be Done Making These Cursors. This Took Abo...
AmogOS TeaserAmogOS Cursors
by Minecraft2.0637A Sweet AmogOS Remake,
Cartoony TeaserCartoony Cursors
by Jolas578a random cartoony cursor i made in just some hours let me know if i f...
Albedo Kreideprinz TeaserAlbedo Kreideprinz Cursors
by LisSweetie5337Albedo Kreideprinz from Genshin Impact
Razor TeaserRazor Cursors
by LisSweetie3916Razor from Genshin Impact
Space Theme TeaserSpace Theme Cursors
by nightklp8323ive been offline for so LOOOOOONNNGGGG now im back this is requested ...
Black ink event! [TOTM] TeaserBlack ink event! [TOTM] Cursors
by nightklp2385E this is event from ファントム.ani Profile this event was anno...
Green Aero TeaserGreen Aero Cursors
by GeorgiosNexus320I already took the Extra Large Aero Cursors of Windows 10 and edited ...
Nexus Arrow TeaserNexus Arrow Cursors
by GeorgiosNexus2080Hi everyone!I already made all new awesome cursor set Nexus Arrow ! H...
Galaxy 2 (Inspred by LunarDragon618) TeaserGalaxy 2 (Inspred by LunarDragon618) Icons
by PurpleHippie930Inspired by LunarDragon618, If you don't find an Icon here, maybe the...
Sweet Cookie Treat TeaserSweet Cookie Treat Cursors
by Gilbrrt438This set is filled with delicious cookies for your cursor, whether yo...
[TB] DIM by biueguy v4 Teaser[TB] DIM by biueguy v4 Cursors
by Diamond6103[NOTE] THIS IS NOT MY OWN CURSOR SET!!! here is the link to the real ...
[NG] DIM by biueguy v4 Teaser[NG] DIM by biueguy v4 Cursors
by Diamond3559[NOTE] THIS IS NOT MY OWN CURSOR SET!!! here is the link to the real ...
Genshin impact TeaserGenshin impact Cursors
by saske11kI made this for myself just sharing for those who need
Hacker TeaserHacker Cursors
by Diamond5100Hello! I finally made a new set that I made! these are Hacker cursors...
Nexus Neon Red Mini TeaserNexus Neon Red Mini Cursors
by GeorgiosNexus5013Hello Everyone! This time I already made new cursor set with mini ver...
[TOTM] Cloud Teaser[TOTM] Cloud Cursors
by Diamond231This is an entry for the November TOTM by ファントム Link to the...
Aero Purple TeaserAero Purple Cursors
by GeorgiosNexus898Hello everyone! This is the original Windows 10 Extra Large cursors i...
Alan Becker logo TeaserAlan Becker logo Cursors
by Diamond16kThese are Alan Becker's type of cursors. I made these because I thoug...
Alan Becker logo [PURPLE EDITION] TeaserAlan Becker logo [PURPLE EDITION] Cursors
by Diamond11kThese are [PURPLE EDITION] Alan Becker's type of cursors. I made thes...
Alan Becker logo [CELESTIAL EDITION] TeaserAlan Becker logo [CELESTIAL EDITION] Cursors
by Diamond7772These are [CELESTIAL EDITION] Alan Becker's type of cursors. I made t...
Alan Becker logo [GREEN EDITION] TeaserAlan Becker logo [GREEN EDITION] Cursors
by Diamond5144These are [GREEN EDITION] Alan Becker's type of cursors. I made these...
Smoothies TeaserSmoothies Cursors
by IMakeNothingImportant983I think it's smooth enough, but smoothies are smoother then smooth.
Aero Brown Deluxe TeaserAero Brown Deluxe Cursors
by GeorgiosNexus273Hello Everyone!This time I made new set with normal Brown and Light B...
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