♣Aworld♣'s Art - sets #1-32

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Icon and cursor sets by ♣Aworld♣

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Liquid red TeaserLiquid red Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣792This is my first cursor set! Enjoy!
RedGlow TeaserRedGlow Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣4994Here´s another cursor set! Enjoy! :)
RedGlow Vertical TeaserRedGlow Vertical Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣134I forgot this one, so, there you go!
Liquid orange TeaserLiquid orange Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣391Someone want me to do this on orange, so i did it! enjoy! :)
Liquid pink TeaserLiquid pink Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣177Now is pink Enjoy! :)
Rainbow TeaserRainbow Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣251It will be ended soon! Enjoy! :D
Liquid green TeaserLiquid green Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣507Tell me in the comments what color you want me to do next! Enjoy! :D
Liquid black "Black Ink" TeaserLiquid black "Black Ink" Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣355Its finaly finished! Enjoy! :D Now with extra cursors for October TOTM!
Liquid purple TeaserLiquid purple Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1011It kinda looks like pink, but, still purple ;) Enjoy! :D
Green shadow TeaserGreen shadow Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣467So, i was bored, and i made an easy to make cursor! it just take me 1...
GreenGlow TeaserGreenGlow Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣3704Here is my most famous cursor but in green. Enjoy! :D
Magma TeaserMagma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1685This cursor set will be ended soon! I was trying to make an cool effe...
Full magma TeaserFull magma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣2491Hey! its finaly finished, it took a lot of work. Enjoy! :D
Bubbles TeaserBubbles Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣840This was hard to make, please rate 5 stars! Enjoy! :D
Sand test TeaserSand test Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣39I hopefully you like this test!, if you dont like it i will not finis...
Cloudy (Entry for Novembers TOTM) TeaserCloudy (Entry for Novembers TOTM) Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣338I finaly finished this cursor set! Please rate 5 stars Entry for Nove...
Xmas TeaserXmas Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣337Really early tho, but i just cant wait to upload it! Enjoy! (Im not s...
RGB Rainbow TeaserRGB Rainbow Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣16kThe bevel do the 70% of work here :O Im probably gonna use this curso...
Icy TeaserIcy Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣399This took around the 1-2 hours, i didn't have a lot of ideas the last...
Golden Chroma TeaserGolden Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣949It took a lot, but it's here! I just take the Chroma Cursors: http://...
Realistic Diamond TeaserRealistic Diamond Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣215*UNFINISHED* I have no idea if this cursors looks great, let me know ...
Emerald Chroma TeaserEmerald Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣2980I will keep making these re-colors of the chroma cursors! Original li...
The Binding of Isaac TeaserThe Binding of Isaac Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣728This was REALLY hard to make, i took some memes from isaac and some i...
Remastered Magma TeaserRemastered Magma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣3931Hey! i made another cursor :) Its my first remastered version of my c...
Full Rainbow Chroma TeaserFull Rainbow Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣3354Hi! i made chroma cursors full rainbow, because i saw that some curso...
Aurora Borelis (December's TOTM) TeaserAurora Borelis (December's TOTM) Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣239Here is my December's TOTM entry! (Theme of the month) It feels empty...
RGB Sword TeaserRGB Sword Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1801Here is my new cursor! It was easy to make, bc its only a sword xd, b...
(Reuploaded) Christmas Teaser(Reuploaded) Christmas Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣588So i reupload this cursors for you to feel the christmas eve! Enjoy! :D
Modern Glowing TeaserModern Glowing Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣321This are "chill" cursors that i've made in 1 week Hope you enjoy! :D
Metal TeaserMetal Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣170So here i've made a cool cursor! if you find any bugs, make sure to s...
Crown (8-bits) TeaserCrown (8-bits) Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣808Well, long time no see, now i uploaded a new cursor!! I might not upl...
Ruby Chroma TeaserRuby Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1821Long time no see! After more than 3 months i finally uploaded a new s...
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