winger's Art - sets #1-25

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Icon and cursor sets by winger

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Golden Wedge Arrow TeaserGolden Wedge Arrow Cursors
by winger587Glitches fixed! This is my first cursor set.
3d Golden Arrow Point Teaser3d Golden Arrow Point Cursors
by winger1646Several 3d golden arrow points created while searching for the perfec...
Golden Wedge Arrows TeaserGolden Wedge Arrows Cursors
by winger270corrected the glitches. Wanted real metallic gold 3d points, not jus...
Sapphire Blue Gem TeaserSapphire Blue Gem Cursors
by winger1958See set 606 for a transparent animated rainbow version of this set.
Rainbow Animated Variation TeaserRainbow Animated Variation Cursors
by winger1769color change variations
Reverse Transparent TeaserReverse Transparent Cursors
by winger2291These are not invisible! They are reverse transparency. Reverse or i...
Rocket Burn TeaserRocket Burn Cursors
by winger1013Tiny silver rocket with two burn animations, one flaming tail and the...
Transparent Rainbow TeaserTransparent Rainbow Cursors
by winger8564SEE IMPROVED VERSION, Set 615. Set of transparent rainbow cursors w...
3D Animated Rainbow Transparent Center Teaser3D Animated Rainbow Transparent Center Cursors
Basic Utility & Accessibility Left Handed TeaserBasic Utility & Accessibility Left Handed Cursors
by winger4002For those who just want simple, unadorned, functional and highly visi...
Rainbow Gemstones Set in Gold TeaserRainbow Gemstones Set in Gold Cursors
by winger3141Think I'll call this one "When Hobbies Collide." I'm just playing wi...
More 3d Animated Rainbow Transparent Center TeaserMore 3d Animated Rainbow Transparent Center Cursors
by winger3305Rainbow animations run either across the arrow or along the arrow sha...
More Gemstones Set In Gold TeaserMore Gemstones Set In Gold Cursors
by winger1725All are static cursors made with photos of real gemstones. None have...
Transparent Rainbow Gem TeaserTransparent Rainbow Gem Cursors
by winger2851This is a 3d, no edge, version of my Transparent Rainbow Cursors. Th...
Flowing Rainbow Gold TeaserFlowing Rainbow Gold Cursors
by winger3205These are a lot like Rainbow Gold, but the transparent rainbow center...
Flowing Transparent Rainbow TeaserFlowing Transparent Rainbow Cursors
by winger10kThese are the improved version of Transparent Rainbow Cursors. The s...
Blue Sapphires In Gold TeaserBlue Sapphires In Gold Cursors
by winger4706These are made from pictures of real Kashmir Blue sapphires.
Blue Sapphires in Diamonds TeaserBlue Sapphires in Diamonds Cursors
by winger3018The sapphires are from pictures of real Kashmir Blues.
Ruby in Diamonds TeaserRuby in Diamonds Cursors
by winger3002Gemstones are from photos of Burma rubies.
Amethyst in Diamonds TeaserAmethyst in Diamonds Cursors
by winger2819From photos of the real gemstones.
Gemstone Sampler in Gold TeaserGemstone Sampler in Gold Cursors
by winger1508All real stones with no color alteration.
Burning Glass TeaserBurning Glass Cursors
by winger4974Red hot glass cursors.
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