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RW Cursor Editor 2023.1 & RW Paint 2023.1 Released

In case you missed it, RealWorld Cursor Editor 2023.1 and RealWorld Paint 2023.1 have been released. Try them today!

Vlasta's Birthday

Everyone give your birthday wishes to Vlasta for his birthday is today!

New theme!

New theme called 'Jellybean'! Check it out~!

Psd support in the new Paint Beta works wonders thumbnail

Psd support in the new Paint Beta works wonders

Made this in photoshop and did some more editing with it in the new Paint Beta and here's a joint effort of Paint and Photoshop.

Last week of school until I am graduating!!

Vlasta's Birthday!

A very big happy birthday wish to Vlasta, for all his hard work over the past year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VLASTA!

Current Happenings...

Well, today i visited Algonquin College, and got my skills with Adobe Photoshop CS5 sharpened further, tomorrow, it's Adobe Illustrator CS5 and then on Thursday, Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Just letting you know what i'm doing, i feel like i haven't done very much around here lately so i i just wanted to let you all know.

New Theme is on the way! thumbnail

New Theme is on the way!

A brand new theme for the site shall be released soon. It is a very dark theme in great contrast to the very white backgrounds there is currently.

Workshop Items! thumbnail

Workshop Items!

Here's a pic of my current workshop contents, I do believe I have all possible spray-paints, not sure yet, need to confirm this with Vlasta. A nice trophy from the snowflake experiment that's missing some sort of desk, that's supposed to be coming soon... A leftover bottle rocket from New Year's 2011, my Red Spray Paint Dispenser, my sandpaper, and finally, extra Professional and Personal Realworld Photos 2011.1 Licenses to be given to some lucky few who participate and/or win a contest, or experiment. Has come a long way... thumbnail Has come a long way...

The website sure has come a long way since its redesign. Here's some nostalgic screenshots for you older users ^_^
(Take note that these are the largest sizes i have as they are from the old Wiki which became the help desk.)

If youre going to make a blog post, make sure its well thought out and politically correct, otherwise it may be removed for being annoying, stupid or both.


Sorry about my inactivity, i'm dealing with my final year of studies and they are really time consuming, and i've had the flu for the past 3 days so i'm not in the best condition. I'll try to be on more often when i can.

I have come to collect 6 spray-paint colors: Red Orange Green Purple Gray and Black. If there's any more i do not have, send it to me please!


It's the holidays! What better way than to have your name be decorated in color? Let's go for Rainbow! Better yet, a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

"This blog is empty. How sad."

Not anymore >:3

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