sixλxis's Art - sets #1-34

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Icon and cursor sets by sixλxis

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CoolRedSet TeaserCoolRedSet Cursors
by sixλxis5211Shiny Cursors that have a nice sphere 'busy' animation and turns gree...
Need For Speed Most Wanted TeaserNeed For Speed Most Wanted Cursors
by sixλxis1704i got the idea from a game.
Yellow Set TeaserYellow Set Cursors
by sixλxis1485just yellow cursors.
Spinning brick TeaserSpinning brick Cursors
by sixλxis769A building brick that spins. Every frame was drawn manually.
Portal TeaserPortal Cursors
by sixλxis8890Outdated. Get the new ones Here.
Half Life Set TeaserHalf Life Set Cursors
by sixλxis1517A bunch of cursors from Half Life
Portal theme updated TeaserPortal theme updated Cursors
by sixλxis1068I do what i must because i can.
UltraTiny TeaserUltraTiny Cursors
by sixλxis4010*VERY* tiny cursors
ShinySquares TeaserShinySquares Cursors
by sixλxis261Translucent squares with an "LCD" look
Selector TeaserSelector Cursors
by sixλxis3474-tool selector. Rotates to link, text and wait since they are used m...
Slider TeaserSlider Cursors
by sixλxis1891Regular arrow with symbols that "slide into place"
Simple Set TeaserSimple Set Cursors
by sixλxis4205A bunch of Orange-red gradient coloured default windows theme cursors...
Parts i never used TeaserParts i never used Cursors
by sixλxis2299all the cursors i never found a purpose for
Halo 3 Medal Collection Including Achievements TeaserHalo 3 Medal Collection Including Achievements Icons
by sixλxis3242Disclaimer: All Medals are copyrighted (©) of Bungie Studios and Mic...
Sharpies TeaserSharpies Cursors
by sixλxis699Four pointed star that has many alterations
Blue Glass TeaserBlue Glass Cursors
by sixλxis13kA set that is all fades. The Unavailable cursor fades to red. The Lin...
Gears of War Logo TeaserGears of War Logo Cursors
by sixλxis7917Only one cursor. It was made due to a request.
Zune Cursor Theme TeaserZune Cursor Theme Cursors
by sixλxis6044For you Zune lovers out there :)
Halo Weapon Aimers TeaserHalo Weapon Aimers Cursors
by sixλxis6517Various reticules from Halo
My Windows 7 TeaserMy Windows 7 Cursors
by sixλxis36kMicrosoft Windows 7 is copyrighted of Microsoft (©) Corp. ---- Entir...
AERO Slanted TeaserAERO Slanted Cursors
by sixλxis5518Made in less than 30 min. Enjoy. I really want to see more cursor SET...
Halo 3 Ranks TeaserHalo 3 Ranks Icons
by sixλxis1275All the matchmaking ranks from Halo 3. From Recruit to 5-Star General...
HD TeaserHD Cursors
by sixλxis8554Normal windows cursors in HD goodness! They are 64x64 in size. I also...
Extension TeaserExtension Icons
by sixλxis1860All the most common extensions! Includes: mp3,mp4,mpeg,ogg,wav,wmv,wm...
Blueberry TeaserBlueberry Cursors
by sixλxis10044 of the most commonly used cursors plus a bonus cursor i was just me...
Bevel Attempts TeaserBevel Attempts Cursors
by sixλxis4723These cursors are based around my knowledge of "Bevel". Includes 1 bo...
CircleSpin TeaserCircleSpin Cursors
by sixλxis2748An ambidextrous cursor that utilizes the natural flow of a circle for...
Holoball TeaserHoloball Cursors
by sixλxis1377A fruity coloured ball with a neat animation. I got inspiration from ...
Extension 2 TeaserExtension 2 Icons
by sixλxis2435My second version of Extensions! These are much darker themed and hav...
Google Chromium TeaserGoogle Chromium Cursors
by sixλxis3199Made by Request. Google Chromium cursors copyright of Google(C). Ripp...
Portal Extended TeaserPortal Extended Cursors
by sixλxis5514My second revision of portal cursors, these took a very long time to ...
Metallic TeaserMetallic Cursors
by sixλxis4457A dark metallic theme with bright blues and white shadows.
RealWorld Adobe Style TeaserRealWorld Adobe Style Icons
by sixλxis644The default logos for each software with an Adobe Creative Suite styl...
Inverted Circle TeaserInverted Circle Cursors
by sixλxis2670A full set of circular cursors (including the Windows 10 'Location' a...
Vista & Win 7 icons
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