Vista by Kudesnick image pack

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Creating icons from components

This image pack allows you to create icons by merging multiple elementary image components.

Images are combined by a sequence of simple drag and drop operations and optionally by applying special effects. Learn more about creating icons by composing images in RealWorld Icon Editor.

Icon made from five parts
Blue triangular checkmark icon was composed from five parts.

About this pack

All images in this pack were created and are copyrighted by Stas Lebedev (aka Kudesnick). Visit his blog at for more icon related resources.

Everyone who downloads the image pack is granted the right to create icons by combining two or more images from the pack. The created icons are your property.

You are must not redistribute the original images unless you are explicitly allowed to do so by the author.

This pack contains 15 distinct symbols suitable to be used on circular, triangular and shield-shaped background. All images are available as 256x256 pixels PNG images.

Example icons

Images in this pack allow you to create for example these icons:

Yellow star on orange circular background.
Orange favorites.
Question mark on cyan shield-shaped background.
Security question.
Exclamation mark on triangular red background.
Important message.


For Icon Editor 2010.1: Download from the application Online page.

Zipped archive: (1.12MB)

It is recommended to unzip the images from the downloaded archive into your "My Documents" folder.


This image pack is intended to be used with RealWorld Icon Editor 2006.1 or later and RealWorld Cursor Editor 2006.1 or later.

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user icon [OMG]Kevinicons registered user on January 27th 2008

I am use XP!

user icon ale registered user on October 26th 2008

Brilliant!!! This is a great tool for creating custom vista icons

user icon BaungBaung registered user on May 7th 2009

So, good

user icon Erik registered user on January 11th 2010

Cool Icons !!!!!!

user icon Monty999 registered user on June 8th 2010

I am use 7!

user icon Anonymous on July 18th 2010

I am use Vista!

user icon Vestitius registered user on October 28th 2010

Keep up the good work! :-)

user icon Anonymous on November 13th 2010

I am use Win7 64bits

user icon Twe registered user on February 11th 2012

Let's take a look.

user icon Anonymous on August 14th 2013

I am use 1990 xp!

user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?