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ZeloZelos (2011-10-24 08:50:02):

I think I finally overcame the Anti-Aliasing issue. Looks Smoooth to me what do u think? :-D

Maybe I should make the set have animated and non-animated cursors...

Vlasta (2011-10-24 14:46:15):

Yes, perfectly smooth. Great work!

Unknown author (2011-10-24 15:48:00):

Hm that's good, but.. what about "unavailable", "busy", etc ? ;-) 8-)

Hurry up!!!!! ;-)

ZeloZelos (2011-10-24 20:32:51):

Couple of days..Ill get some more done soon but it will take a couple of days b4 I have time.

Daniel W. (2011-10-25 02:37:37 / 4.5 stars):

WOW Nice job ZeloZelos! Very smooth, very 3d. They look fantastic! Very creative design too. I really like the busy. 4 and a half stars now and 5 when you add the rest. It would really make more sense in the future to make all of them before you post the set, but that's just me. Once again great work!

ZeloZelos (2011-10-25 04:39:08):

It does make sense to make them all before I uploaded them, however I dont have a big enough timespan to upload them all, make descriptions, and all that stuff. Thats why I get a few together and upload the rest as I can finish them. I sometimes only get as little as 10 minuets at a time to do whatever I'm trying to accomplish. Sometimes it really sucks :-o

jojois74 (2011-10-25 04:59:45 / 5 stars):

These are great! I love the lighting that makes it flash. My only suggestion is that you make the denied one rock a little so you can tell that it is 3-D.

Actually, I have another suggestion. The clock is not going clockwise. That is the point of a clock! CLOCK-wise! Good job, though, in making the hands, and the animation is smooth.

Unknown author (2011-10-25 06:47:00):

Thanks ZeloZelos! :-)
So it was a good thing to say "Hurry up" :-D.


ZeloZelos (2011-10-25 09:02:24):

Thank you jojois74 and Anonymous, I love the suggestion of making the denied one rock a little. But the backwards running clock is on purpose. Makes it kindaaa noticeable hahaaa 8-)

Maybe my next set should include an airplane like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vukwkq-z4Tc

Ricon (2011-10-26 00:10:15 / 2.5 stars):

I like your cursors.

Unknown author (2011-10-26 22:49:46):


Teddy (2011-10-31 10:15:17 / 5 stars):

These are totally awesome! Great yellowgold color! And so smooth :-)
Great design, great animation and very good work :-)
5 of 5

oh anf if you want to make some gold cursors again, think about using this orangegold color -> #ECBE03 would be very cool cause I love it ;D

Aleyn (2011-11-01 14:42:14 / 5 stars):

I really like your cursor! Hurry up and finish the last two please! :-)

ZeloZelos (2011-11-01 19:36:36):

Ok Aleyn, all finished. Use the Precision Selection cursor for the move and precision selection. I had a few issues with the help cursor, its not easy to make such small images with a little transparency and blur (to make a neon effect) that will still have enough substance to see. Added a little black to make it stand out. Hope you still love it>

Ok, another one done, It will be a while before the next set is finished. I have a few other projects to go back to. plus the 1st 2 sets were already planned out when I found RWCursor. I even had a bunch of the frames already rendered. I use Blender to make the frames, RWCursorEditor to put them together (and sometimes anituner) My next set will have a drop shadow, be similar in design and probably will not be totally animated. Im thinking spaceships with animated colors and maybe even lasers! :-D

!OH! I will still be accepting any color requests for this set. Just drop a line and please dont forget to rate.

cdl (2011-11-04 06:08:08 / 5 stars):

nice set!

Cameron (2011-11-04 10:08:33 / 5 stars):

dude this is awesome, i like the movement, colours design EVERYTHING!

Unknown author (2011-11-04 23:07:45):

nice job :-D

ZeloZelos (2011-11-24 08:03:42):

I'm thinking about remaking them and adding shadows

Auni38 (2012-01-02 12:49:16 / 3.5 stars):

Cool! :-D 8-)

AA_Xatron (2012-08-23 11:54:45 / 5 stars):

Good job! Great is also... vertical&horizontal resize! That's so orginal, so all stars from galactic falls to see it :-o :-)

goodrick (2012-09-12 19:17:04):

very very cool I use it right now :-D

MarSara (2012-09-14 19:55:44 / 5 stars):

Nicely done.

grotesquemess (2012-10-01 03:47:17 / 5 stars):

Very nice, how did you do that? I am a new cursor creator i need pointers. Pun intended :P

alaix3454 (2012-10-09 15:54:14 / 5 stars):

kool. how did you make them mooving? :-D

ZeloZelos (2012-10-19 09:13:23):

making a new version called Purple Galoo. Look for them soon!

Unknown author (2012-11-11 09:58:46):

WOW thanks! Now i have all gold set! 8-) :-D

cdl (2013-01-15 12:30:35):

very nice job!
Smooth transition, lovely graphics!

Nice gold tone and good work on the set!
There are so many wonderful color combinations you could choose from I understand why you would wait for a specific color request.

icon-image/3089-32x32x32.png image

AmberZen (2013-02-01 22:50:51 / 4.5 stars):

cool! There are a lot of colors that would look great in these, lol!

Glad it's not my set, I'd have trouble deciding which color to use!

nice set!

icon-image/7541-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-02-28 12:38:34):


Unknown author (2013-04-15 14:05:39):


ZeloZelos (2014-08-02 21:44:36):

in case you didn't notice. I made these quite a while ago. I have lost the files for the set. They are a good looking set of pointers and Thank you everyone for your interest/comments. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make any requests on colors. I may some day remake em...

ZeloZelos (2014-10-06 21:21:42):

Allright, remade em! Although I like these better the gold is shinier, but still working on the material. Here's a link http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/gold-animated-purple

Nikentomolog (2018-08-11 15:15:02 / 5 stars):

Cool set! i have a question: were these made in blender or rw cursor editor?

KittyKata12 (2019-04-06 19:37:16 / 5 stars):

*faints* (KittyKata12 fainted because he was so amazed.)

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