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sixλxis (2010-12-24 05:15:38):



bouderbabari (2010-12-24 13:29:31 / 5 stars):

;-) :-) :-o thank you JDDellGuy

Unknown author (2010-12-27 23:01:33):

How do i get it to make it to where my cursor is like it?

JDDellGuy (2010-12-28 05:43:56):

Here's the easiest way.
1. Download this program. It allows you to right click on a cursor to change to it. http://www.rw-designer.com/change-cursor
2. Install the program.
2. Go to the .zip file that you downloaded that has the cursors in it. Copy the cursors from the .zip file into some other folder. (Or right click on the .zip file and choose extract all.)
3. Right click on a cursor.
4. From the right click menu, hover over "Change Cursor" and choose the cursor type that you would like it to be.
5. Repeat for additional cursors.
(Alternatively, there may be an icon with the cursors that looks like a group of colored cursors. Just double click on it after you extract the cursors from the .zip file. The whole theme will then be applied.)

I also suggest signing up for an account here as it allows us to help you better. We can send you a direct message- you don't have to check back here.
Here's another way. It's a little more effort, but it's not hard.
1. Download the cursors.
2. Open the .zip file (Double click it)
3. Select all the cursors in the .zip file. Right click on them and choose "Copy"
4. Go to START > My Computer> C:/ > WINDOWS > Cursors (You may need to click on "Show contents of folder" or "Allow access" Or something similar. Go ahead and click it.
5. Paste the cursors from the .zip file into the "cursors" folder.

6. Now go to START > Control Panel > Mouse
7. Click the "Pointers" tab.
8. Choose a cursor type from the list in the window. (Has a scroll bar.)
9. Click "Browse."
10. Find the cursor that you pasted into here that you would like to use.
11. Repeat for the other cursor types.
12. If you would like, you can save this as a theme. Just click on the "Save as" button and give it a name. Then you can just choose the theme from the drop down menu when you want to use it.

Also see here. http://www.rw-designer.com/using-cursors

Hope this helps! :-)

bouderbabari (2010-12-28 21:18:08):

1. Download the cursors.
2. Open the .zip file (Double click it)
3. Select all the cursors in the .zip file. Right click on them and choose "Copy"
4. Go to START > My Computer> C:/ > WINDOWS > Cursors (You may need to click on "Show contents of folder" or "Allow access" Or something similar. Go ahead and click it.
5. Paste the cursors from the .zip file into the "cursors" folder.

6. Now go to START > Control Panel > Mouse
7. Click the "Pointers" tab.
8. Choose a cursor type from the list in the window. (Has a scroll bar.)
9. Click "Browse."
10. Find the cursor that you pasted into here that you would like to use.
11. Repeat for the other cursor types.
12. If you would like, you can save this as a theme. Just click on the "Save as" button and give it a name. Then you can just choose the theme from the drop down menu when you want to use it.

Davez (2010-12-30 16:58:17):

Buh long answers ^^

JDDellGuy (2010-12-30 17:32:53):

Bouderbabari... *sigh*

JDDellGuy (2010-12-31 06:12:36):

Fun with formatting. Cool!
I'm pretty sure I could make all of those pictures into links to the cursors, but I don't really feel like doing all the typing necessary for it.

JDDellGuy (2010-12-31 06:45:11):

There. I did the first one as a link just to prove it can be done.

Unknown author (2011-01-06 19:42:12):

wow man this is the best cursors

JDDellGuy (2011-01-06 19:44:11):


dengnoy (2011-01-21 17:21:36):

thank alot for very nice cursors ;-)

Unknown author (2011-01-22 21:49:14):

How do i get it on my webpage so when people are on the page it automaticly puts the cursor on their pointers?

ps- the page uses [] instead of <> :-(

JDDellGuy (2011-01-24 16:55:31):

I'm not entirely certain, it would depend on how markups work on that page. If the only difference is that it uses brackets instead of the "arrows" then it would probably just be the same code but substitute those instead.

So instead of this:
<style type="text/css">body {cursor: url(http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-extern.php?id=21723); }</style><a href="http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/tron-2-cursors-blue" title="Get free cursors for your web.">TRON II Cursors</a>

Use this:
[style type="text/css"]body {cursor: url(http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-extern.php?id=21723); }[/style][a href="http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/tron-2-cursors-blue" title="Get free cursors for your web."]TRON II Cursors[/a]

however that's probably not the case and you have to be sure that you can edit the header in the HTML of the page that you want the cursors on.

You'd have to talk with the site admin to be entirely sure.

And I'm guessing that it's probably not just HTML that the site uses if they use the brackets instead.

This site for example- it doesn't use normal HTML markups. Check out this forum post for examples of how the markups on this site differ from HTML.

And if you create an account, it helps us out with making sure that we can get back to you. Don't worry- you get no ads, email spam, etc. if you do that.

Unknown author (2011-01-24 20:06:51):

best cursors,thanks!

JDDellGuy (2011-01-29 22:33:30):

I love the consistent 20-30 downloads a day that this set gets. :-)
It's very popular. :-)

bouderbabari (2011-02-06 17:10:39):

cursor-21726 good nice 8-)

bouderbabari (2011-02-06 17:14:57):

what this is not yello haha :-D

Unknown author (2011-02-09 20:31:33):

These are great! Red would be nice too, and basic TRON icons ;D

Erik (2011-02-11 22:17:55 / 4.5 stars):


Erik (2011-02-19 13:30:52):

I like the animations.

stefanotinaglia99 (2011-02-26 14:29:20 / 0.5 stars):


sixλxis (2011-03-12 22:33:34):

Saw tron yesterday, and i now love the disks... ehehe!

Unknown author (2011-04-06 22:09:34):


JDDellGuy (2011-04-17 05:55:54):

WooHoo! 2000 downloads!

Unknown author (2011-05-05 05:57:20):

I'll be honest, alot more variety than the ast one, but all in all, fairly cool |-)

Unknown author (2011-06-05 13:06:54):

Really cool! Im still learning how to make really amazing cursors ;-)

Unknown author (2011-06-29 18:51:06):

bouderbabari : and yallo ?? :-D

Unknown author (2011-07-13 15:13:42):

man how do you do the nice glow effect...i cant ever get it right! :-(

JDDellGuy (2011-07-13 16:47:32):

Drop shadow. And then more drop shadow on the drop shadow.

Unknown author (2011-07-30 22:22:58):

they look really good, except for the unavailable ones. the bright red seems to contrast too much

Unknown author (2011-08-10 12:29:20):

Nice :-o

jojois74 (2011-09-06 18:29:34 / 5 stars):

Nice! I suggest animating the busy cursors. Also, it would be cool to add silver also to give it that new, shiny, tron feeling.

JDDellGuy (2011-09-07 05:37:07):

The "Busy" cursors do have some animation. They glow and fade. I've never actually seen the movie, so I am unfortunately limited on what I am able to design due to a lack of knowledge on specific devices, etc. in Tron legacy that would make for good cursor "props" other than the identity disks.

jojois74 (2011-09-09 00:33:17):

I saw the movie. It was ok.

jojois74 (2011-09-09 20:30:53):

Now I see the animation in the busy cursors, good job.

Erik (2011-09-13 14:44:09):

Good set

JDDellGuy (2011-09-19 04:21:32):

Y'know, I never saw any green in the movie. Only blue and orange/yellow. Why did I make green?

Unknown author (2011-09-21 12:18:04):

Wow. Superb super complete set! ;-)

Unknown author (2011-10-19 01:12:14):

the green makes it look cool! I have a combo of blue orange and green

Unknown author (2011-10-27 23:16:01):

de lujoooo

Cameron (2011-11-04 10:16:01 / 5 stars):

such fantastic variation and i love it! you have clearly put a lot of work into this and it shows rather well

Unknown author (2012-01-01 16:05:13):

These are great! I use all the green ones because I am a giant loser and my TRON character in the PSP game was always green. XD
You're clearly good at these!

Unknown author (2012-01-10 02:00:22):

i love these cursors i picked green because it was my favourite colour :-D you should make more cursors like these :-D

tev (2012-03-04 03:17:08 / 4.5 stars):

wow. icon-image/5604-16x16x32.png image icon-image/3332-16x16x32.png image impressive

Matias0211 (2012-03-14 21:51:57 / 4 stars):

Muy buenos! :-D
Ahora voy a hacer los mios como me decís :-)

Unknown author (2012-05-23 09:57:20):

men! its so cool!!!!
i very well love it!!!

Unknown author (2012-06-02 11:04:13):


Jason (2012-07-04 00:56:12 / 5 stars):

you have a lot! cool.

Unknown author (2012-07-15 20:20:55):

lol :-D :-D :-D

AA_Xatron (2012-08-22 12:30:30 / 5 stars):

Ooh, that is it what i need to found! Thanks for making this. Looking well, cool, good, and it's don't like only_other_colour cursor pack. This is cool, fun, shaded, and realistic_looking pack. I never see better cursor pack. Is it happened because i like cheese? OMG, just that is great. Good job, man!

Unknown author (2012-09-02 14:32:15):

thankzzzz its cool...

oriolego (2012-09-20 02:32:45 / 5 stars):

I know they're better than mine! the coolest part is that you did them by hand, and they all have that animated glow,wich only makes them cooler! I dont care if I use too many exclamation marks, this set deserves it! :-D

Intellisthetics (2012-11-04 10:09:17 / 5 stars):

I just go where the site leads me and then I look to see who did the nice job.
You are stealing the show today!
Another fine set!

Abdul (2012-12-02 04:55:22 / 5 stars):


ErinW80 (2013-01-11 09:32:08 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2013-01-16 03:03:06):



Waffsel (2013-02-01 00:55:01 / 5 stars):

hey, i think one of the frame hotspots are off on the handwriting cursors. Still an awesome set!

JDDellGuy (2013-02-03 04:06:30):

Hi Waffsel, thanks for the note. However, it's actually an issue with how the site displays some cursors. You'll notice that the crosshair in the image remains at the tip of the cursor even when it moves. This means that the hotspot is remaining at the tip of the cursor.

Thanks though for the review! :-D

Unknown author (2013-02-28 21:13:24):

this is stupid maxathon says it doesnt exsist |-)

deadly bro (2013-03-18 16:41:35 / 5 stars):

impossible how did you make these things all the roles and in three colors no way man 5 stars 5 stars 5 STARS

grotesquemess (2013-03-25 09:02:20 / 5 stars):

One of my favorite cursor sets from my favorite cursor creator :P

Unknown author (2013-05-25 18:16:15):

Very very very cool! 8-)

Unknown author (2013-06-22 01:56:19):

This cursor icons are great.

Unknown author (2013-06-22 15:06:50):

it is too....................good :-)

meta (2013-06-28 09:55:17 / 5 stars):

love em bro their as awesome as your energy swords :-) :-D

JDDellGuy (2013-06-30 07:53:17):

I did not design the energy swords. The credit for that goes to Teddy. Thank you for the compliment though!

Wexutar (2013-08-02 22:05:24 / 5 stars):

wtf cool! 8-) :-o

ongkon (2013-09-10 17:54:14 / 5 stars):

Great cursors, its animated (y)

Unknown author (2013-11-08 07:32:46):

How to use it
i don't know ;-)

ultdestroyer (2013-11-20 16:05:29 / 5 stars):

:-) awesome 5 outa 5

Unknown author (2013-11-30 14:34:28):

These are awesome, thanks very much! it compells me to start making some myself.

Unknown author (2013-12-13 07:21:50):


Unknown author (2013-12-16 20:07:24):

Such a vast variety!

Unknown author (2014-01-23 10:32:44):

hecuz :-D

Unknown author (2014-03-04 05:06:54):

nice my favourite cursors!

Unknown author (2014-03-28 17:09:11):

Nice green dude. 8-)

Unknown author (2014-04-10 09:08:58):

awesome 8-)

Unknown author (2014-05-22 16:57:21):

probably the BEST.......... 8-)

Unknown author (2014-09-18 22:19:57):

:-D muy chevere

las 5 estrellas

Bojan_The_SerbianMan998© (2014-11-27 21:09:40 / 5 stars):





:-( + JDDellGuy's cursors = 8-)

Unknown author (2015-01-28 08:46:45):

fucking epic

Hans (2015-06-06 04:42:00 / 5 stars):

MY Favorite :-D :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2015-06-06 13:20:08):

very cool design. I like it

Shantorian (2015-06-22 03:46:14 / 5 stars):

amaze so cool will r8 8/8 for gr8 r8 m8
Well done\
See you.:-D

JacK (2015-07-22 04:36:31 / 5 stars):

This is so awesome. Amazing work on this with the different colors and maintaining the quality. I don't even know what to say now. :-D :-D :-D

NomiShy&Meh300 (2015-08-03 18:51:00):


Unknown author (2015-08-22 17:36:36):

buenisimo :-D

cdl (2015-08-29 21:49:14 / 5 stars):

Great cursor set!
Excellent job! icon-image/8311-32x32x32.png image
icon-image/10392-64x64x32.png image

Jon Snow (2015-09-18 01:27:36 / 5 stars):

This is an amazing TRON Cursor collection.
Thank you so much mate.

Unknown author (2015-09-20 12:20:03):


mendozawii (2015-10-22 17:54:27 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2015-11-06 16:54:06):

8-) so cool


Unknown author (2015-12-18 18:01:26):

can you make a Black and Red tron cursor Thanks Nice animation tho

Golden WARRIOR (2015-12-19 16:35:17):


Unknown author (2016-02-12 20:00:40):


Unknown author (2016-02-17 20:54:08):

Great cursor set!
Excellent job! icon-image/8311-32x32x32.png image
icon-image/10392-64x64x32.png image


Unknown author (2016-02-27 20:35:56):

use el trom 8-)

AJaxx (2016-03-18 22:24:47 / 5 stars):

Nice cursor set!

Unknown author (2016-03-21 14:50:31):

8-) :-D

DaxxsitoProMouse (2016-03-30 21:57:54 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2016-04-04 08:54:41):

I'm new to the whole "custom cursors" thing so I'm curious as to what program/s you need to use them?

Neiderpvplover (2016-04-04 21:23:14 / 5 stars):

muy epic :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


The Muffin Man (2016-04-08 15:31:36 / 5 stars):

Epic Epic Epic! Nice Glow animations!

Unknown author (2016-04-18 22:50:55):

I like these cursors, but do people actually like Tron? :/ No

Unknown author (2016-05-24 01:30:49):


Unknown author (2016-07-12 02:45:39):

So cool :-D

pitertoch (2016-07-19 02:59:23):


Unknown author (2016-07-19 12:34:58):



I have not used them! ;-)

Unknown author (2016-07-27 20:44:34):

KKK melhor de todos

Unknown author (2016-08-04 15:26:48):

Bom Pakas...Tank You

RichBlockFrostYT (2016-08-09 15:54:45 / 5 stars):

This is really cool. I like the animations and it just look nicely done. 5 star rating definitely :-D.

Unknown author (2016-08-15 13:39:14):

very good

Unknown author (2016-09-11 22:39:14):


Unknown author (2016-09-13 04:56:39):

love it

ツ Mimi Destin♡ (2016-09-18 16:35:55 / 5 stars):

This is really cool
I like the animations
keep ypur good job
5 star rating definitely
have a amazing day icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-10-05 08:37:02):


Unknown author (2016-10-07 11:27:49):

best hand |-) :-( :-o 8-) :-) :-D :-D

Unknown author (2016-10-09 21:33:13):

best crosshair

Unknown author (2016-10-25 17:49:52):

Amazing, old, but gold :-D

Unknown author (2016-10-28 03:21:59):

Thank you so much :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2016-11-03 04:22:57):

i like it so much it is my faforite :-o

Unknown author (2016-11-08 10:46:11):

8-) So Cool XD

Unknown author (2016-11-09 13:50:38):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D so cooooool

Unknown author (2016-11-19 08:52:02):

Love it! i use it all day all night its cool!

Unknown author (2016-11-22 17:51:19):


Unknown author (2016-11-30 17:01:21):

Super bom :-D :-) ;-) : -o 8-) | -)

Unknown author (2016-12-08 05:48:24):


Unknown author (2016-12-15 20:18:44):


Unknown author (2016-12-17 18:51:24):

can you do with purple pls?

Unknown author (2016-12-27 19:46:28):

This is sooo nice 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2016-12-28 03:27:54):

the best pack

Unknown author (2017-01-04 22:01:40):

Amazing! :-D

Unknown author (2017-01-06 14:46:41):

woooow nice graphics :-D

Unknown author (2017-01-11 23:00:14):

I don't know why, but I kind of like the original better, they weren't as pixilated. It's still good though! :-D

I was the person above, they are actually better, sorry. GOOD JOB! :-D

Unknown author (2017-01-19 16:09:40):

melhor cursor 8-) :-D

Unknown author (2017-01-30 07:59:04):

i cant put the picture to mousecape

Censor_Not (2017-02-01 21:01:42 / 5 stars):

I really like these!

Unknown author (2017-02-06 16:22:36):


Unknown author (2017-02-13 19:34:54):

Can anyone help?? sometimes when i close my pc and open it up again the cursor is back to the basic "white one" ?

JDDellGuy (2017-02-13 22:55:01):

Hi Anonymous,
If you put your downloaded cursors into the C:\Windows\Cursors folder, then that issue should stop happening.

Also, please note that it is difficult to respond to you effectively if you don't have a website login. We have no way to contact you when you post comments as anonymous. We have to just hope that you check this post again to see the response.

Also, questions are best put in the forums as opposed to being comments on the cursor sets.

Unknown author (2017-03-06 13:06:29):

this is amazing!

i love who someone created so much amazing things ;-)

Unknown author (2017-03-07 16:23:52):


Unknown author (2017-03-12 02:31:20):

best mouse ever. will use in the future

Unknown author (2017-03-17 01:39:40):

pretty cool mouse

Unknown author (2017-03-29 05:23:23):

This is amazing. I love these cursors.Good job

Unknown author (2017-04-20 01:57:38):

these be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2017-08-06 22:21:38):

Ok, how exactly do you use the whole set? I downloaded the file, created a folder, dropped the zip in the folder, extracted the contents, then copied them all (save for the .txt red me file) into my C:Windows/Cursors folder. I then open Control Panel and Mouse Pointers dialog box and was able to select my main pointer from the list but how can I set up the other 30+ and can they all be selected (or created) as a theme all at once rather than having to select each one, one at a time. Great looking icons but the read me file has no directions whatsoever (!!!FAIL!!!) :-(

Unknown author (2017-08-08 14:59:47):

cool 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-D

Unknown author (2017-09-14 16:21:33):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2017-10-08 13:11:48):

This is just pure perfection. You work is awesome and this pointer is so cool. Keep making these!

Unknown author (2017-10-17 23:41:00):

I love it!

Unknown author (2017-10-18 11:23:49):

Ever since i first downloaded this set of cursors i have never changed them. Great job!

Unknown author (2017-10-21 00:52:25):

ur fat :-o

Unknown author (2017-10-27 09:54:38):


Trickz (2017-11-14 15:02:31 / 5 stars):

Even though I have never watched the movie, these cursors are pretty cool! They look nice, and their animations are smooth, too! Keep up the good work. 8-)

P1XEL (2017-11-30 21:00:26 / 5 stars):

I love these! Great cursors. I am currently using the green ones. 8-)

Yaboiredpanda (2017-12-23 21:47:11):


Deadlocked65 (2018-01-07 06:23:01 / 5 stars):

These are amazing! i love that tech-y look that they have!

Unknown author (2018-03-08 19:51:13):

Veeeeery good :-) :-D

Unknown author (2018-03-28 04:41:03):

:-) so good

Unknown author (2018-04-11 09:34:34):

I love to play Roblox on my fidget spinner.

Unknown author (2018-05-06 13:19:19):

Very nice I'm a Tron fan, and these are perfect.

Unknown author (2018-05-28 09:56:47):

After a while, the cursors disappear and you have to reset them; otherwise very nice!

Unknown author (2018-06-25 18:02:01):

je l adore franchement je pense que
c st l un des meilleur

Unknown author (2018-07-30 04:30:35):


Unknown author (2018-08-27 10:52:52):

So Cool 8-)

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