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Free Paint Here!

item/spray-paint/gray.png image
I know someone that is giving away free paint when they have a set reach 1000 downloads!
They have seven of the nine available colors so far and I heard they have a dozen cans of spray paint!
Why not grab a free can for yourself?
Yes, there are a few rules to keep it fair but it is free paint people!
Don't know about you but I love free stuff!!


Expect more icons soon.. Smiley set, CDL stole my thunder. Her set is bigger and better so I am letting her have the fun. See what else I can come up with in the year ahead! =)

Trophies 4 All!

Did YOU miss the trophy set?
It is free, in the public domain, and they are cool! icon-image/7541-48x48x32.png image

My Personal Preferences

I have such a low tolerance for slackers and wannabes. Ignorance appalls me and I would love to help if you can find it within yourself to ask for assistance. Please realize that not all herein are professional artists, even we make mistakes, and some need encouragement in order to progress. When you rate a person's work there are many factors to consider, the least of which should be whether you personally like the art or not. If you like the art then it is easy to rate it highly. If you dislike the work you should seek to be not too harsh in critiquing simply because it does not appeal to you personally. If spite, jealousy, or envy motivate your ratings and critiques please don't bother at all. I know that I am not speaking just for myself in this. We all must try to be fair as the world is not a fair place.

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I play a few of the games now and then!
I just like sending gifts to my friends!

Like the icons? Please rate the set if you like my icons. Have fun with them! I DO!!
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closed it.. sorry

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