Creating simple 3D models

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Creating simple 3D models

RealWorld Icon Editor and an older version of RealWorld Cursor Editor (with the 3D module installed) contain the Unicorn3D package, which can be used to create simple 3D models.

What is a 3D model

There are multiple ways to represent a 3D model inside a computer, but there are two main methods:

  • Volume representation - 3D object is composed of elementary volumes like spheres, cubes, cones, etc. It is possible to do volume operations like intersections, unions or differences. Humans think in terms of volumes and this representation is the natural one for them.
  • Surface representation - since object are usually opaque, this method discards the information about objects' internal properties and only stores information about their surfaces. Computers handle visualization of objects represented by this method more easily. This method allows existence of a surface that is visible from only one side. Objects are composed of elementary surfaces, usually triangles.

3D models in Unicorn3D

Unicorn3D uses the surface representation of objects and its elementary components are triangles and NURBS surfaces. It also allows higher level primitives such as spheres, cubes, cylinders, etc., but these are only shortcuts to a predefined NURBS surface or triangle mesh and cannot be used for volume operations (for example subtracting a sphere is not possible).

Unicorn3D allows parameterization of 3D objects. Parameterized objects are easier to reuse and can be used to create simple animations.

Unicorn3D is a plug-in based system and 3rd party plug-ins can extend the functionality.

Creating your first 3D model

To learn making 3D models for icons, read the tutorials embedded with the respective application.

More tutorials:

After you create your 3D model, continue with defining snapshots.

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