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Black'n'Glow TeaserBlack'n'Glow Cursors
by #172327Looks best on dark background. Enjoy!
Black'n'Glow_Lefties TeaserBlack'n'Glow_Lefties Cursors
by #17623The Black'n'Glow set for lefthanded people: I've got no idea if it fe...
Baby Arrow™ Mario Paint TeaserBaby Arrow™ Mario Paint Cursors
by The Muffin Man122From a sprite sheet. |=== 12/8/2015 ===|Set created
Space TeaserSpace Cursors
by AJaxx489A fun set of cursors with a touch of abstract sensibilities. They are...
Baby Arrow™ New Old Super Mario World TeaserBaby Arrow™ New Old Super Mario World Cursors
by The Muffin Man995Used some custom art of Mario in these unique cursors. Sprites ripped...
undertale heart pack Teaserundertale heart pack Cursors
by my name is grax353my child, be good alright?
Arrows, Spinning Arrows, and Dancing Arrows TeaserArrows, Spinning Arrows, and Dancing Arrows Cursors
by The Muffin Man583Used arrow features. + Spinning Arrows! Spinning arrows! Working and ...
UPDATED! 16×16 Pixel TeaserUPDATED! 16×16 Pixel Cursors
by The Muffin Man49UPDATED from my very first cursor set. |=== 12/14/2015 ===|Set created
Splash TeaserSplash Cursors
by AJaxx502A fun set of cursors for windows. As always, I've included extra/bonu...
Arkanus ⚫ TeaserArkanus ⚫ Cursors
by AJaxx1966Another Legacy cursorFX set from 2005, converted for window users. It...
(NEW!!) Santa hat's - Old School RuneScape (LIMTED EDTION!!) Teaser(NEW!!) Santa hat's - Old School RuneScape (LIMTED EDTION!!) Cursors
by daniel boyz35• SantaHat/InvertedSantaHat/BlackSanta. (animation) • santa hat. ...
Icons8 Icon TeaserIcons8 Icon Cursors
by The Muffin Man207I used to download the icons and generate them into cursor...
ipod touch Teaseripod touch Cursors
by The Male Boss351all 6 generations of the ipod touch for free.
CandyMan Red ⚪ TeaserCandyMan Red ⚪ Cursors
by AJaxx1237A fun, Legacy cursorFX set from 2007 ported for windows. Both sizes [...
CatPaw_White TeaserCatPaw_White Cursors
by SK2179It's a Fluffy white Cat Paw! [With Animations!] No one needs to look ...
oscure pointers Teaseroscure pointers Cursors
by leonarditons12804cursores oscuros o cursors oscure
Flipping Tiles TeaserFlipping Tiles Cursors
by that guy67This was the result of me figuring out how to make 2D images look lik...
CatPaw_Black TeaserCatPaw_Black Cursors
by SK1741Thank you for waiting, this is the CatPaw black version! Try out the ...
CatPaw_Tiger TeaserCatPaw_Tiger Cursors
by SK1371Another CatPaw! It's the tiger cat paw! Enjoy!!! [And visit me often~]
CatHead_Black TeaserCatHead_Black Cursors
by SK2264FLUFFY BLACK CAT!!! with yellow eyes and cute pink nose and ears! Com...
Purple Flipping Tiles TeaserPurple Flipping Tiles Cursors
by that guy185This is a purple version of the "Flipping Tiles" set, in the color I ...
Bunny_brown TeaserBunny_brown Cursors
by SK713Fluffy brown bunny! Take them as your desktop pet! You won't be able ...
IDEAS [3 choices] TeaserIDEAS [3 choices] Cursors
by SK183Jelly beans, Macaroon, and minty candy~ [Please pick which is the bes...
SmileyCute TeaserSmileyCute Cursors
by SK340Cute white smiley with red ribbons! Please leave a review and a comme...
Stars/Space TeaserStars/Space Cursors
by Seto_Koiba225Set of cursors shaped like stars. Enjoy your cursors, astrolev.
Septiceye Sam TeaserSepticeye Sam Cursors
by Seto_Koiba939Set of cursors based on Septiceye Sam from JackSepticEye's YouTube ch...
Windows Aero Rainbow TeaserWindows Aero Rainbow Cursors
by Leftz493My first collection! This is a collection of Windows Aero rainbow-ski...
ZolaMan_Boy TeaserZolaMan_Boy Cursors
by SK434ZOLA MAN the Korean Stick-man! Do get this little guy and check out m...
Undertale+ TeaserUndertale+ Cursors
by TheNintendude64623A set based on the great game, Undertale. Comment on how I could impr...
Water Melon_Fruit Edition TeaserWater Melon_Fruit Edition Cursors
by SK2773Refreshing Water melon cursor just for Summer-lovers! [Other fruits s...
Aero 3D Deleted TeaserAero 3D Deleted Cursors
by Shortynio601I have get this cursor down.
Star Wars lightsaber TeaserStar Wars lightsaber Cursors
by Floris11454Lightsabers from both trilogies
Star Wars characters TeaserStar Wars characters Cursors
by Floris1569All characters of star wars
Awesome TeaserAwesome Cursors
by pjong143
Star Wars TeaserStar Wars Cursors
by pjong1624
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