Cursor Set - Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL

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Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL Cursors

Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL
  • Published on July 25th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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Hopachi has released two animated rainbow cursor sets in two versions. One of them is in horizontal rainbow colors and the other is in vertical rainbow colors. Both of those Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL and Rainbow Ultimate Vertical XXL cursor sets are the mother of all rainbow cursors. I am already aware that many users on the RealWorld website are going to enjoy downloading those two ultimate rainbow cursor sets. Let me express myself further. Please read on:

This Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL cursor set has an animation loop effect using 20 different colors. They are the colors of the rainbow, subdivided to have more colors in between to bring you the best and smoothest possible frame transitioning of the rainbow animation loops. The colors loops from dark red to hot red. The rainbow colors are so perfectly ordered that you cannot notice when one color ends and an other begins using the same color combination and order in each of the 20 frames. Most of the time, users makes rainbow cursors using either eight or ten colors. However, in my request, I requested Hopachi to make this mother of all rainbow cursors contain 20 colors in all to bring you the very best of the very best rainbow cursor set possible.

Both of those two rainbow cursor sets use the following 20 colors in the following loop order:

1. Dark red.
2. Red.
3. Orange red.
4. Orange.
5. Light orange.
6. Gold.
7. Yellow.
8. Lime green.
9. Green.

10. Sea green (green-blue in appearance).
11. Cyan.
12. Sky blue.
13. Blue.
14. Blue Pink.
15. Pink.
16. Hot pink.
17. Pink red.
18. Purple.
19. Red.
20. Hot red.

The black outlines that forms the edges of the cursors for each of the cursor roles are perfectly smooth, using anti-aliasing technology, which prevents border lines from appearing as jagged lines. Both those XXL rainbow sets have the smoothest lines possible which Hopachi managed to maintain in this 64x64 pixel resolution.

This Rainbow Ultimate Horizontal XXL cursor set has 20 cursor roles in 64x64 pixels and this resolution is perfect for creating an XXL sized cursor set. It took Hopachi more than two months to make both cursor sets, which was a world record for him when making such cursor sets. This is the first cursor set in a two part rainbow theme in this series of rainbow cursors.

Please note that the rainbow animation effects in both those cursor sets have a wavy effect. That is a wave effect caused by the sequence of the colors. This is not a bug but an intentional feature requested by me to make the rainbow effect more exciting for users.

There are two cursors in the following mouse pointer forms. One of them is called an Inverted cursor role and the other is named a Neutral mouse pointer role. The Neutral cursor role does not swing but has the same shape as the Pendulum cursor role. Please do not get confused with the Neutral and Pendulum cursor roles because they are both different.

I also requested Hopachi to include a super rare mouse pointer cursor role which swings like a bell. I welcome you to the Pendulum mouse pointer which swings from left to right and back again, keeping the same and usual flow of the same animation effect as to the other cursor roles in both those rainbow cursor sets. The Pendulum cursor role is super rare on the RealWorld website. That is the reason why I requested Hopachi to add one into both XXL rainbow sets. Please note that all the cursor roles in both separate sets of this type are fully animated. That means there are no static cursors.

A preview of both those cursor sets are available on the website. Hopachi did an epic job on both those sets. I congratulated him for successfully managing to make those two rainbow cursor sets.

Those two rainbow cursor sets were made entirely in GIMP. I have tried to use GIMP, but I find it way too difficult to use. That is the reason why I made this last request for Hopachi to make those two rainbow cursor sets which I wanted for quite sometime. Now, this cursor set is live and available for everybody to download from the RealWorld website. Enjoy all the rainbow colors.

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its so good!!! its great for gaming! :-D

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This is great for gaming. You can consider this cursor set as a gaming set.

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i loved it so much

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OMG, I also need more views.

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You're speechless!

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