Cursor Set - Rubin Pink

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Rubin Pink Cursors

Rubin Pink
  • Published on April 9th 2018 by .
  • Released under the Free Art (copyleft) license.
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Pink cursor sets are rare. Rubin Pink is a cursor set I created which has a unique look. Pink is for girls so come one girls.

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user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 10th 2020

Me too. Love the pink too.

user icon Anonymous on August 13th 2020

How do i apply the cursor to my windows laptop? Thank you :-)

user icon Chey registered user on August 13th 2020

^ Thats me i made an account lol ,, i downloaded and its not letting me apply, i thiink its telling me its the wrong filetype or something. what do i dooooo : (

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 14th 2020

The file types for this cursor set is fine. There's nothing wrong with it. To apply a cursor set, go to mouse settings in Control Panel or Apps Settings, then navigate to "Pointers". From there, click on a cursor role, then select the browse button to search for a cursor role of your choice.

user icon Anonymous on September 12th 2020

Thank you for making these, they're so cuuuuuuuute! T_T

user icon RIDDLER registered user on September 12th 2020

Yes, they are cute.

user icon Anonymous on October 1st 2020

Oh me lOrD THIS IS GREAT ITS FANTASTIC!!!!! I am a huge fan of pink and i like cursors and i try to find a cursor that matches with my background and i found theeeeeemememwm!#E!#!!$#!$$%$#6tkglfdjskalgfjds

user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 1st 2020

I am glad you like pink and all other colors in general. I have a huge collection of amazing cursors on my profile for you to enjoy. Browse them all and pick your favourites. Some cursor sets are entirely designed by me and other are designed by other authors. I gave permission to all the authors already.

If you are a girl, then pink is the best fit color for your gender. I have a few pink sets available. Enjoy them.

user icon Anonymous on October 17th 2020


1. Download cursor. After download, right click on the download and press copy.

2. After copy, doubleclick on Windows button on your left side of the screen, and then click on Windows again (doubleclick)

3. Scroll down to cursor folder, and doubleclick on the cursors button.

4. Right click on the side, and press the button that says Paste.

5. After you have pasted the downloaded cursor, go to settings. In settings, go to mouse settings, and then click on Additional Mouse Settings. You should get a pop-up with a mouse on it. Click on pointer options, and then click on Browse.

6. Scroll down to your downloaded cursor. Then click Ok. After you click Ok, press on the button that says Apply, and then Click Ok again.

(If you prefered downloaded cursor is not there, try checking to see if you Copy Pasted it or not. If you did do that, and you still can't find your cursor, try checking the steps to see if you did it correct or not!)

Thank You For your Time and Patience while you read over my Steps! Enjoy your cursors!


user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 17th 2020

Thanks for that piece of information. I know how to set cursors to default. I already done that with a set on my computer. Your guide is helpful for other users who does not know how to set their cursor sets as default.

user icon Anonymous