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Svengoolie TV Show Cursors

Svengoolie TV Show
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A group of cursors inspired by the Svengoolie TV Show, please injoy and remember to watch Svengoolie!

Please use for what ever you want, just give a credit to me (and Svengoolie) and tell me what you did so I can see it, too!

Tags: Movie TV series


by PythosIsAwesome

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon PythosIsAwesome registered user on September 15th 2017

i hope you all like Svengoolie, it is a TV Show where they play really old horror movies and make funny comments or (Sven Segments) about it. the movies are so old that they are usually not the scary at all, if it is scary then he says it up front
it is Saturday nights 9:00 eastern on MeTV

user icon PythosIsAwesome registered user on September 16th 2017

snap!, I can't rate my own cursors :-D XD

what does XD mean anyway?

user icon Anonymous on September 23rd 2017


user icon Laomedeia registered user on September 26th 2017

4 out of 5 stars.

This set isn't all that bad. What is Svengoolie? I've never watched it before. Can you tell me about it one day? I'd like to know.


user icon PythosIsAwesome registered user on September 26th 2017

it is where a guy (Svengoolie) hosts old (usually black and white) horror shows. but back then, horror movies were not as scary so they are more like adventure movies almost. but anyway, Svengoolie shows them, but he likes to make fun of them in his "Sven Segments" and make funny commercials and stuff. it is really corny and funny, it is on at 8:00 Saturday night an MeTV.
Here is a link:

PS: on the show, when ever he makes a bad joke (which is every time) people throw rubber chickens at him :-D

user icon PythosIsAwesome registered user on October 4th 2017

Ps: these are all homemade, pixel by pixel, no images imports.

user icon Anonymous