Batch processing with RealWolrd Photos

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Batch processing with RealWolrd Photos

Published by on October 1st 2007.

RealWorld Photos would not be a real photo editor without some kind of batch processing capabilities. Let’s have a look on what to expect.

The use scenario

Just like in RW Icon Editor 2006.2, RW Photos will rely heavily on the drag and drop concept.

  1. Users navigate to the files to batch process in their favorite file manager and then drag and drop the files (or entire folders) on the application window.
  2. The files are processed using selected operation.
  3. Successfully processed files will be saved to a dedicated subfolder in the temp folder. Contents of this folder are conveniently displayed in the application window. Users can move (drag and drop again) the processed files from there to wherever they wish.

Batch image processing in RW Photos

The upper part of the window displays short how-to-use instructions, the list of preconfigured operations and a window with log messages. The lower part contains the processed images. In Windows Vista, Explorer can display previews even in “Icons” mode. In Windows XP, you’ll have to switch to Thumbnails mode manually to see the previews.


Users can define any number of operations. Each operation can consist of any number of steps. Each step is either one of the built-in image filters or a custom code in JavaScript. 3rd party plug-ins designed for RW Photos can be used in batch mode as well.

Configured batch operations can be exported and imported.

The list of pre-configured operations is yet to be defined. Post your favorite operations in the comments section.

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