RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1 beta

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RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1 beta

Published by on September 11th 2007.

It has been over a year since the previous version cursor editor was released. That’s a long time. We’d better release an update. Soon…

New features in version 2007.1

Raster image editor improvements

RW Cursor Editor will be the first application using the raster image editor developed for RealWorld Photos. The number of drawing tools will be limited and some features will not be available, but it will be a definite improvement over the raster editor used inversion 2006.1.

Almost all drawing tools will support subpixel precision and fine-tuning of shapes using control handles. There will be a single new tool: polygon.

Instead of solid color filling, drawn shapes can be filled with configurable linear, radial or conical gradients or with simple patterns.

Windows cursor customization

The cursor editor is able to customize currently used mouse cursors. There are two ways:

  1. When a cursor is open in the editor, it can be set as current cursor using main menu by clicking “Cursor”->”Use Current For”->”Role” (for example “Normal Select”, “Busy”, etc.).
  2. Currently used cursors can be viewed and changed from the “Customize” section of the main window.

Customizing Windows cursors in RealWorld Cursor Editor

Cursor files can be dragged and dropped on the appropriate panel or opened using a browse window. All previews are animated and the hot spots are visualized using crosshairs.

New and updated filters and operations

There is a single new operation for animated cursors, which can reverse the order of all (or selected) frames. Beside that, there is a couple of improved image filters that made their first appearance in RW Icon Editor 2006.2 and many filters are now using configuration dialogs with preview.

Importing and creating cursors

RW Cursor Editor can import cursor from a Linux .xcursor file format.

The image-to-cursor converter is now able to create animated cursors from image strips, where multiple frames are placed in the same image next to each other.

3D module

This is an optional part of RealWorld Cursor Editor and unlike the rest of the application, the 3D module is not freeware. It allows designing simple 3D shapes and creating static or animated cursors from these 3D models. This feature was already described in more details in a previous post.

Vista compatibility and other bugfixes

While the previous version runs on Windows Vista without major problems, version 2007.1 is optimized for high-DPI modes and improves the functionality of file types associations.

How to get the Beta?

Beta version of RW Cursor Editor 2007.1 will be available by the end of this month (September). If you want to help finding bugs and fine-tune the user interface of cursor editor by using the beta (e.g. not yet final) version, leave a comment here or send email to

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This looks very interesting, may I get the 2007 version to test?

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this looks like crap.

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