RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1 released

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RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1 released

Published by on October 14th 2007.

The title says it all. Version 2007.1 of RW Cursor Editor is ready for download. It features numerous bug fixes, improvements and a couple of entirely new and unique functions.

New features

There are many. The biggest change is a redesigned raster image editor with configurable fill styles, sub-pixel accuracy and mouse gesture support.

Editing animated cursor

A couple of image filters and effects were improved or added and the filters are now by default accessible directly from the cursor (static and animated) editors.

The new version is able to import cursor from the Linux XCursor format giving its users access to hundreds of high quality and freely accessible cursors.

The Image to Cursor conversion operation was enhanced as well. It can create animated cursors from image strips thus allowing you to easily convert CursorXP cursors to normal .ani files.

Since Windows only natively supports cursors of size 32×32 pixels and Linux and CursorXP ones are often larger, the Change Format operation was improved to allow you to keep the cursor quality as high as possible when adjusting the format. It is able to clip or smoothly rescale all frames in an animated cursor.

3D module

User can optionally install a tools for 3D cursor authoring. These tools are allow designing a 3D model, adding parameters and then define values of parameters used for each frame. The 3D module is very similar to the one used in RealWorld Icon Editor and many tutorials are also applicable to cursor designing.

Create a 3D parametric module to be used for cursor creation


The application (except the 3D module) is free for both commercial and non-commercial usage.

The license for the 3D module can be bought for 29 USD.

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