Vlasta McDuck

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Vlasta McDuck

Published by on March 26th 2011.

You know, RealWorld Photos is just for serious retouching, for pro photographers, who want to get things done fast and without distractions. NO WAY!

The Shapeshifter tool

RealWorld Photos 2011.1 (to be released on Wednesday) is going to get a new tool. Nothing overly innovative, just my adaptation of the Liquify filter known from Photoshop.

This tool allows you to deform the regions of a picture interactively. Like this:

rsrc/vlasta-mcduck.jpg image
Oooops, my mouth kind of grew.

Using this tool can be a lot of fun, but it also has some serious applications. You may want to make your legs longer, add volume to your muscles (or whatever needs more volume), make you eyes as big as the Na'vi's, or join the McDuck family.

Unlike Liquify in Photoshop, the Shapeshifter is a regular tool in RW Photos, just like the other drawing tools. It respects image mask, does gamma-correct blending and has all the basic deformation modes and a stylish claw icon rsrc/shapeshift-tool.png image. Stay tuned...

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user icon sixλxis forum moderator on March 27th 2011

You look the lead singer from Aerosmith lol.

user icon Erik registered user on March 27th 2011


user icon absterninja registered user on March 28th 2011

Love the duck. I'm gonna make a Chubby McChubby. It is a disproportionate brontasaurous. :-D sorry about my spelling!!!!!!

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