Vlasta's blog archive for March 2011

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The eternal struggle

Simple or powerful. Trivial or bloated. Should each new version of a software have more features than the previous one? There is no definite answer. Some say, simplicity itself is a feature. How would the upcoming version of RealWorld Photos deal with this dilemma?

Vlasta McDuck thumbnail

Vlasta McDuck

You know, RealWorld Photos is just for serious retouching, for pro photographers, who want to get things done fast and without distractions. NO WAY!

Layer styles for humans thumbnail

Layer styles for humans

As I have mentioned earlier this month, layer styles can be a huge time saver. The ability to change parameters of image effects at any time after they have been used is a game changer. What is limiting the usefulness of layer styles in current versions of RealWorld tools is the clunky layer effect configuration window. Time has come to change it, the layer styles shall be accessible to mere humans, not just to geeks.

About the Paint.COM name

Little more than 2 years ago, I was searching for a good name for my freeware painting program and happened to choose Paint.COM.

Outline, son of Bevel thumbnail

Outline, son of Bevel

One of the layer effects available in Photoshop is contour (also called outline). This effect will be added to RealWorld tools in 2011.

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Spam goodness

Spam sucks, right? Spam delivered on white paper in an envelop sucks even more. But even a bad thing may sometimes have a positive side effect. Take a look.

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