I have a thought...

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I have a thought...

Published by on April 8th 2017.

...that I should make some comic-ish GIFs!

You heard that right. I feel like making some GIFs soon using RealWorld Paint, my step-brother said he felt like making a comic strip and that gave me a brain blast. I would use Flipnote Studio for DSi to make gifs, which I might do so with RW Paint helping me with inserting text and/or using different colors to enhance the gif (DSi Flipnote Studio does not support any frames with more than 3 colors, 1 for background and 2 for foreground). There is also the issue that DSi Flipnote Studio only supports 4 colors per flipnote: white, black, red, and blue. I could use RW to further enhance it by adding more than just 3 colors. I could use the basic 16 colors for further enhancing. I do not know. I will have to see. :-)


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