30 second timer

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30 second timer

Published by on April 9th 2017.

This is an animated gif that I have created. It is a simple 30 second countdown.
rsrc/30sec.gif image

It was created using RW-Paint. Here, it is a green LCD countdown. It will warn you when you get to 0, by changing the LCD color to red. The dimensions are 32 pixels wide, and 20 pixels tall, meaning that each LCD digit is 15 pixels wide (it is not 16, there is a 2 pixel wide space in between them). The 1 second spaces were made by changing each frame duration to 1000 milliseconds, or 1000 ms as seen in the program. Each digit segment (each digit has 7 segments) is 1 pixel thick. You might think that instead of color code #004400 for background segments, I should have used #008800. I actually did use that in the beta version, but I then recolored it due to some visibility issues. You may use it to your leisure. Thank you.

By TheFortyFours

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user icon Yakov .P registered user on April 14th 2017

Cool! :-D Can you send the gif location so I can download it?

user icon Benderbee registered user on April 23rd 2017

@Yakov .P
You don't NEED the location to download it. It's way simpler than that.

For Chrome: To download, right click the image and click "Save image as..."
For Firefox: See "For Chrome"
For MS Edge: See "For Chrome"
For MS IE: Right click image and I think you click "Save Image" (may be wrong)

It might be the same for many more operating systems.

user icon chase registered user on December 16th 2017

cool i want to download it 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-)

thank you i have it 8-)

user icon Kacper11PL registered user on September 23rd 2018


user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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