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The Prins-Christianssund LANGUAGE TREE! thumbnail

The Prins-Christianssund LANGUAGE TREE!

Hi, everyone! I have got some exciting news for both myself and you guys. Today I have created a language map!
rsrc/langmap.png image

Royal style RW logos thumbnail

Royal style RW logos

Hello. I have made a Royal style RW logo in many different languages. No, I didn't make these by myself. They were generated by I say I did this in a practice to see how I should be able to do it with the main painting program.

30 second timer thumbnail

30 second timer

This is an animated gif that I have created. It is a simple 30 second countdown.
rsrc/30sec.gif image

I have a thought...

...that I should make some comic-ish GIFs!

Weather in my area for this next week

Thank you for reading this blog post icon-view/14821.png image
Here is the weather in my area for the next week:
Monday, Feb 27: Mostly sunny and warmer with a evening shower, Hi 62, Lo 53
Tuesday, Feb 28: A strong afternoon thunderstorm with a chance of hail, Hi 73, Lo 37
Wednesday, Mar 1: Mostly cloudy, breezy and colder, Hi 54, Lo 31
Thursday, Mar 2: Plenty of sunshine, Hi 56, Lo 27
Friday, Mar 3: Partly sunny with a cloud breakup in the evening, Hi 58, Lo 42
Saturday, Mar 4: Partly sunny with some breeze and mild, Hi 65, Lo 48
Sunday, Mar 5: Mostly sunny, warm and breezy, Hi 69, Lo 40

Smileys project dropped

I have given up on the smileys project. I am not working on making new smileys, and I have very little time to work on a set I'd like to create on RW-Designer. Meaning that I will have to do something else with my time on creations on RW. I am very sorry to everyone who has looked forward to seeing what will happen.

I am making smileys!

Smileys, people, smileys! I am making smileys! Be sure to check back soon to see if I have made the emojis.
I have assigned a deadline for myself: I must upload the set by March 1. Yes, I'm allowing myself to update.
Thank you, and I hope you get to see them soon!

Sorry :(

I'm sorry, I haven't been active on my blog! I will try to be more active on my blog..

I might be coming onto RealWorld graphics weekly. I also might not be doing very many creations right now, I'm sorry.

I'm just surprised I haven't did almost anything on this profile.
Might as well use this account now, because I own it.
Sorry, I just have other things in my mind, such as ROBLOX.

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