Royal style RW logos

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Royal style RW logos

Published by on April 25th 2017.

Hello. I have made a Royal style RW logo in many different languages. No, I didn't make these by myself. They were generated by I say I did this in a practice to see how I should be able to do it with the main painting program.

ENGLISH:rsrc/Cool Text - RealWorld 241683813749394.png image
CZECH:rsrc/Cool Text - RealnySvet 241683870111503.png image
SPANISH:rsrc/Cool Text - MundoReal 241684032206239.png image
FRENCH:rsrc/Cool Text - MondeReel 241684083880362.png image
GERMAN:rsrc/Cool Text - EchteWelt 241684302744467.png image
ITALIAN:rsrc/Cool Text - MondoReale 241684379929993.png image

Thank you. I hope this also has helped me in practice so I can design some logo ideas later.
- BokChoyBoyGuy

PS Do not be offended, Vlastamil, if you see I have used another site to generate these.

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