The Prins-Christianssund LANGUAGE TREE!

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The Prins-Christianssund LANGUAGE TREE!

Published by on May 6th 2017.

Hi, everyone! I have got some exciting news for both myself and you guys. Today I have created a language map!
rsrc/langmap.png image

What it is for: This map is for me when I get to middle school. In my school district, I will take a class called "Advanced Languages". I must choose 1 of 4 languages: Spanish, French, German, or Chinese. You start by going to "Language Student", and you can try to go climbing up the tree. I'm deciding to either do French or German.

NOTE: I am not a middle school aged student! Until May 22, 2017, 1:30 PM Central US Time, I am a fifth grader. We live in different places so according to where we live, we're in elementary from K to 6, and we're in middle school 7 to 8, and high school Freshman to Senior.

I think this is a very helpful map. If your district is similar, you should try seeing this map!
Thanks for reading!

- Prins-Christianssund

© 2017 Prins-Christianssund

Disclaimer 1: The image is oversized for this blog system. You must download to view clearly

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user icon codewar65 registered user on May 13th 2017

Please use a scaled down image for the language map. It's breaking my browser. :-)

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