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Make cursors online

Published by on February 20th 2009.

Lots of people are not using the advanced functionality of RealWorld Cursor Editor and are happy drawing their cursors with just a few basic tools, like pencil or circle. If you are one of them, I have prepared for you an online cursor editor. No downloads or installations, a web browser is all you need.

Cursor editor features

The online cursor editor supports smooth (32-bit) cursors with full alpha channel. The user interface resembles an ordinary desktop application and RealWorld Cursor Editor users should feel quite familiar using this tool. The created cursor is downloaded directly to you computer when you hit the Download button in the upper left corner of the editor.

Online cursor editor screenshot

Other than that, you can add shadows or colorize your cursor. Registered users can also add their creations to the online library.

The following tools are available:

  • pencil
  • eraser
  • line
  • rectangle
  • ellipse
  • paint bucket
  • dropper
  • hot spot setter

When using semitransparent color, you can choose whether to paint over existing pixels or replace them.

Other features include an advanced color picker with color history, live preview with hot spot visualized by a cross hair, and a couple of templates to get you started.

Cursor library

You can add cursors to the library directly from the online editor or you can upload cursors you already have on your computer. Uploaded cursors can be put together to form a cursor set (you need to be registered to be able to do that).

What you are waiting for? Try the online cursor editor right now!

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