Cursor editor running on Windows 8 CP

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Cursor editor running on Windows 8 CP

Published by on March 1st 2012.

Microsoft has released the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 yesterday and I did a quick test with RW Cursor Editor 2012.1. All looks fine!

The installation of Windows 8 CP on VMWare Player was swift and relatively painless. (I wonder why Microsoft bothered buying Virtual PC few years ago and never released a newer version - Windows 8 cannot be installed on it.)

Then I started Win8's Internet Explorer 10 and attempted to download the installation package for RWCursorEditor. IE10 is kind of picky and blocks any content that is not "verified" and it showed a warning message instead of the downloaded file. I had to override IE10's decision to protect me and then it started the installer.

From that point on, all went as expected. Here is a screenshot of the cursor editor running on Win8 CP with one of the Win8 aero cursors opened:

RealWorld Cursor Editor on Window 8 Consumer Preview

The window caption is slightly different in Win7 and Win8 and the edges of the windows are no longer round in Win8, but everything else is looking the same right now. Oh, yea, and the window shadows are much smaller.

I can't help myself but comment on the technical quality of the Win7/Win8 aero cursors. There are numerous technical glitches in these cursors. It looks like Microsoft assembled these cursors by hand instead of using a software. There is this famous hiccup in the Aero busy cursor on Win7 (one frame is incorrectly duplicated in the 32x32 version (but correct in the 48x48 version)) that was not fixed. The working in background cursor shown on the screenshot has wrong hot spots on one of the frames and jumps. Several of the 48x48 arrows do not have hot spot on the arrow tip, but off by 1 pixel. So, Microsoft, if you are reading this, use the damn editor and fix your cursors in Win8 if you did not do that in Win7.

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