Good bye, WordPress

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Good bye, WordPress

Published by on November 23rd 2010.

My blog has moved! From to Now I am closer to the main web site and to all you dear users and artists and I hope to blog more, well, regularly.

Why I am abandoning WordPress?

Since 2006, I have been using WordPress to power my blogging endeavors. It used to be a handy lightweight blogging system back then. There were minor annoyances, like the editor messing up my html code in some special cases, but in general it worked very well.

Over the years, it has been growing and accumulating features (I did not really need) and it became the #1 blogging platform. More serious problems appeared. Namely spam. 95% or maybe even more of posted comments was spam. Damn you, spammers!

Despite requiring administrator approval on first comment of each user, the automated spam bots were pumping more and more spam. I eventually had to disable anonymous comments and then disable account creation at all. Automated spam bots just kept creating accounts.

And the blog was hacked too. I did not upgrade for some time and suddenly, the blog was promoting certain drug. Not a pleasant surprise.

I became annoyed. What's this? I want to blog and get in touch with the readers. I do not want to constantly upgrade, fearing a data loss each time. I want to make commenting as barrier-free as possible. Annoying, nearly-unreadable chaptchas are not acceptable for me.

I realized a free mainstream blogging platform was not good enough for me anymore.

The bright future

So, I needed:

  • Visual integration with the main site.
  • Simple editing interface and formatting.
  • Using account from the main site.

I had two options, either try to find and modify an existing blogging platform, or make a new one. I picked the second one, because it was safer and I'll be in complete control.

And here is the result. Each user on just got its own blog. It is very simple. Actually it is a combination of classic blog and a micro-blog (twitter). Users may either add full blog posts, or they can blog just one sentence.

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