Vlasta's blog archive for November 2010

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I am sad. People are creating multiple accounts, uploading one cursor several times or uploading cursors or icons they did not make, writing bogus descriptions or comments, and doing other questionable things. This is supposed to be a place where everyone can publish their best works, where people learn from each other and getting better at creating computer graphics.

If this continues, I'll have to put more safety measures in place. That takes time I should be spending on making the software better. I am sad.

GIMP has a new tutorial on candy-themed letters. I bet Paint.COM can do that too and maybe even faster. Who would like to try it? All steps should be replicable, but you would have to make a displacement map yourself.

Good bye, WordPress

My blog has moved! From blog.rw-designer.com to http://www.rw-designer.com/blog/vlasta. Now I am closer to the main web site and to all you dear users and artists and I hope to blog more, well, regularly.

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