Public beta of next RWPaint

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Public beta of next RWPaint

Published by on September 8th 2012.

New version of RealWorld Paint is one step closer. Today, I am making available a public beta of the 2012.1 version. If you want to help finding errors or suggest changes or if you are just curious, feel free to grab the .zip and give it a try.

The beta version is only available in portable form. After you download it from simply unzip and run RWPaint.exe.

The major feature of version 2012.1 will be vector layers and you can test them in this beta. Vector and raster layers can be freely mixed in one image. To add a vector layer, click on "Create vector layer" above the list of layers. There is also a new "Create vector image" wizard, which creates an empty image containing a single vector layer.

Although the raster layers look the same as in previous versions, there was a major internal change - so don't be surprised if something works differently (or does not work at all - please report these cases).

Another new feature is the Shape tool. It allows you to create various shapes with outlines consisting of Bezier arcs. This tool is significantly more powerful than the other tools, but it is also harder to use. I'll be explaining how to use it effectively later.

If you want to grab some example files with vector layers, you can download them in my previous post.

The beta version will stop working at the end of the year - by that time, the final version should be ready. If you plan on doing serious work with the beta version, please make a lot of backups of the created art in various files. I would not want an error in the application to ruin your work.

More news later...

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user icon Anonymous on September 29th 2012

where do you download the zip file to? :-( RWP folder?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 29th 2012

It does not matter - just unzip it into a new, empty folder.

user icon airboat233 registered user on September 30th 2012

Hello.... I've downloaded the "BetaRWPaint" at least a dozen times. It downloads ok regardless of where i download it to. The folder unzips and extracts the files into internet explorer 9. From there on nothing. I can view the files but how do i run the app. My latest RWP still works fine but, no mention anywhere of the beta. What am i doing wrong? thanks........(When the files extract into IE9 they are in there own new folder)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 30th 2012

Among the extracted files should be one called RWPaint (or RWPaint.exe if you have Explorer set to display extensions) - run that.

user icon Mikey Z registered user on December 13th 2012

You know what else I'd like to see? An "Onion skin" mode for animations. That would be helpful for drawing an animation from scratch. For example, what if you're not that great of an artist? Your animated character is going to be in a different place between frames, and you didn't mean to do that yet. It would help to see the previous frame so you can see exactly how much change there is. (Sure, there are ways to do it that are more advanced, but it gets tiring to copy, paste, draw, delete previous layer... It'd be easier to use onion skin)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 14th 2012

I can see that it can be a useful thing. I may not be able to add it to this version, but I'll keep the idea in mind for the future one.

user icon Anonymous on January 13th 2013

Hey, I noticed that copy and paste don't work in Vector mode. I get an error message about insufficient memory or something, a "code 0X80004005". What does that mean?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 13th 2013

That is a generic error - could be caused by anything. But, copy/paste of vector shapes should work. Do you have this build or the later one (mentioned in a newer blog post)?

user icon Anonymous on January 15th 2013

um... No. I'm using the old one. The new one didn't show up when I searched. But I found it after digging around. And it is fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. Silly me.

user icon Insane Games registered user on January 15th 2021

Can you make it so that you can upload any image for a profile picture??

That doesn't have to be approved??

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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