Beta 2 of RWPaint available

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Beta 2 of RWPaint available

Published by on November 15th 2012.

The release of the next RWPaint is one step closer and you can get your hands on a newer preview right now.

Download the portable version from: <not available anymore - get the final version>

The new beta contains the changes mentioned in my recent blog posts - better PSD import, rudimentary SVG export and updated side panel with a new color picker and redesigned tool configurations.

Another change in this beta is a smarter "Merge Layers" command. In the past, this command always merged all layers into a single layer. Now, the behavior depends on the content of the layers and on the currently selected layers.

  • When 2 or more consecutive layers are selected and the layers are using the "Normal" blending mode, these layers are replaced by a single layer.
  • When layers from layer N to the last layer are selected those layers are merged. The difference here is that the layers do not need to use the "Normal" blending mode.
  • When 2 or more consecutive vector layers are selected and those layers have 100% opacity, use the "Normal" blending mode and have no layer styles, the layers are replaced with a single vector layer with all the shapes from the original vector layers. This may be handy after you import a PSD file with multiple layers with vector masks.
  • If all or none or a single layer is selected, all layers are merged.

In other case (for example the layers selected are not consecutive), an error is reported. This generally means that it is impossible to merge the selected layers without visually changing the document.

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user icon Anonymous on March 15th 2013

Hey, I noticed that the copy and paste functions don't exactly cooperate. I get an error whenever I try it.

@Mikey Z, Why not just make a new layer instead of wait for folders?

user icon Anonymous on March 15th 2013

Hey, can you import SVG's yet? I know you can export them, but how about edit them?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 15th 2013

OK, the release date is really close now, so all enhancements would have to wait, but at least the text tool is fixed.

Showing previews of shapes is an intriguing idea and I think it is worth at least looking into it right now.

If you could tell me more about the error in the animation editor and possibly describe how to reproduce it, I could try to fix it.

Copying and pasting should work, but be aware that what is being copied and where it is pasted depends on what was clicked last. You can copy a shape, or a layer or a selection in raster editor or a frame in an animation. When pasting the results may be also different (new layer, floating selection, new frame).

A curve tool with variable width would have to wait. There is a problem with the user interface - I am not sure how to represent it. But in the future, you'll probably be able to at least draw a curve and then convert it to Shape and adjust the outline manually.

SVG import would have to wait. SVG is incredibly complex and would be really difficult to import with at least decent compatibility.

Folders (or groups) for vector shapes would also have to wait. As mentioned above, the feature overlaps with layers and the issue needs to be solved for both of them at once.

user icon Mikey Z registered user on March 20th 2013

Well, I drew an animation of a movie countdown using Vector text, and then tried to export it as a GIF animation, but it failed. "Saving of file failed. Please try a different location". So I move it to another drive, and another failure. Then I tried rasterizing every layer, and I get similar results. But if I edit a GIF that was already there, it works as long as I don't use Vector tools.

And I found Anonymous guy's glitch too. I right-click it, hit copy, and hit paste, and nothing happens. I also noticed that Layer Merge automatically rasterizes vector graphics. Is that supposed to happen?

This program is AWESOME, by the way! Keep it up!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 20th 2013

Clipboard and saving to .gif will be fixed.

The rasterization during merge will occur if the conditions mentioned in the blog post are not met. Was that your case?

user icon Mikey Z registered user on April 8th 2013

Sorry I didn't check back for a while. Internet trouble and couldn't get it fixed until last week. Anyways, that does seem to make things work better, but I did have a problem with copying a rectangle and pasting it in the same layer. I had the shape selected, and copied it and pasted it, and... nothing happened. I eventually figured out that it works if I duplicate the layer, move the shape over, and then merge them, but it was a bit complicated to figure it out. I also had to remove everything else to do it, so it didn't really cooperate.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 8th 2013

I assume, you are using the final version now. If you copy and paste an object in vector layer, it will be placed at the same position as the original object - you can drag it with a mouse to a new position to see it. Was that the case?

user icon Mikey Z registered user on April 9th 2013

Actually... it was, but I tried to move it over, but nothing happened. And today I tried to move it from one file to another using another window, and I couldn't copy it over. I just downloaded it again too. I'm not sure what's stopping it, but there aren't any error messages or anything. I tried CTRL-C and the right-click thing but both didn't work.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 9th 2013

Hmm, I still cannot replicate the error. Does it still happen when you download a new, portable version and unzip it into a clean folder?

user icon Mikey Z registered user on April 16th 2013

Yeah, it does. But my computer is also pretty glitchy so I wonder if it's just mine. I also had some errors on other apps that nobody could figure out... Like flash games where the arrow keys don't work... Maybe I just need to upgrade. I dunno. It does work when I bring it to my friend's computer, though, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

I wonder what was going on...

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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