Vlasta's blog archive for November 2012

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Beta 2 of RWPaint available

The release of the next RWPaint is one step closer and you can get your hands on a newer preview right now.

Closer to PSD thumbnail

Closer to PSD

Importing of PSD images is one of the most important functions of RealWorld Paint. The current version does a relatively good job importing raster layers, including some of the layer styles. Although RWPaint will never be able to import every PSD without losing anything, an improvement is planned for the next version.

The end of colors thumbnail

The end of colors

There is one thing every image editor has - a color picker. In a lot of cases, it occupies a premium place in the application window and is always visible. But here is a curious observation: the older the image editor, the smaller the color picker.

What about ICL files?
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