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April 2011 - month of Kaleidoscope

instant cuteness
on April 1st 2011

With RealWorld Photos released, it is time to focus on less serious topics. Therefore I declare April 2011 the month of Kaleidoscope.

This toy is almost 200 years old and started as a scientific device. Combine a tube with a couple of mirrors and beads and you get a tool that creates beauty.

Learn more in wikipedia.

The first addition of this month is a Kaleidoscope effect script. Download and enjoy. Share your creations on facebook or flickr!

There is also a layer style that applies the kaleidoscope on the fly. Installing is a bit harder though.

And here is something extra: assemble an icon that looks like a kaleidoscope online.

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Lost Girl
on April 12th 2011


Thanks extimg/QCwAADQAADkAADcAAEoAAE4AAFkAAFMAAA.png image

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