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July 2011 - month of Scripting

let the computer do it for you
on July 2nd 2011

When working with computer images, there are times, when artistic talent, passion and engagement are they key ingredients.

But there are also other times, when the only necessary things are patience and accuracy. In these cases, it may be better to let the computer do the whole thing for you. This is where scripting steps in.

Scripting stands between hard-coded effects like bevel or colorize and manual modifications performed by the user with the drawing tools. It allows the users to create their own effects. A bit of programming is involved though. Scripting is by default accessible via the Effect->Custom operation menu.

Scripting in RealWorld apps is based on the JavaScript language. At the user disposal stand a couple of helper objects that can take care about user interface, file operations, image blending or application of built-in filters. It is also possible to use the drawing tools.

At this moment, there is one (a bit complex) tutorial about scripting.

The popular Arrow shape wizard in cursor editor was made using script. Now, there is a new page explaining how to improve the configuration of the wizard.

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on July 3rd 2011

Interesting. I don't know any Javascript, but I know some C++, and ActionScript (Adobe Flash)

on July 3rd 2011

JavaScript syntax is very similar to C++. Some things are missing and there are some new, but writing loops, conditions, expressions, calling functions or methods is the same.

on August 7th 2011

nice, I didnt know that :-)
and yeah java is based on c++

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