Hot spot tool

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Hot spot tool

rsrc/hotspot-tool.png image HOTSPOT drawing tool works with mouse cursors and sets its hot spot.

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user icon Anonymous on August 18th 2016

umm how do you make the cursor with the circle around it to move? my dad and I are very confused right now.. so please help meh. :-(

user icon Anonymous on September 15th 2016

how do I do the hotspot thing I'm new at this

user icon Vlasta site administrator on October 17th 2016

If you have an animated cursor, you can change hotspot for all frames by dragging the cursor in the preview window.

user icon Anonymous on November 15th 2016

my cursor is blinking and I don't want it to, how can I fix that?

user icon TmiTIM registered user on December 17th 2016

if text select your cursor will blink (if actual i have no idea) :-D :-(

user icon Anonymous on December 26th 2016

I have no idea on how to do this. please help. :-(

user icon Duncan registered user on April 28th 2017


user icon Anonymous on December 29th 2017

guys pls some body help me all of rules and stuff + pls

user icon Anonymous on August 12th 2018

i want to make the hotspot in the center of a cercle cursor should i make the center of the circle inside the pixels or betwine the pixels or what?

user icon Anonymous on August 23rd

how do u get the blue thing when u click plz helppp :-( :-( :-(

user icon Anonymous
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