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Scrabble Tiles - Brown Icons

Scrabble Tiles - Brown
  • Published on December 3rd 2020 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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Brown is the color of wood. My brown set of scrabble tiles represent hard wood which has a dark brown color like this. This brown set of scrabble tiles does not have any wood texture. Instead, this set of 26 letters uses a brown fill color which has an RGB value of (Red: 128, Green: 64, Blue: 0). The blue is set to zero (0) because there is no blue values in this brown. This brown color is so called "pure brown" because there is no blue. This shade of brown is also known as middle brown because the red value is set to 128 instead of the maximum value of 255.

The letters on all the character tiles in this set is black. The letters are still visible, so you can see them. The reason why I chose this shade of brown to go with the black letters is because both colors blends in properly together without making the letters to hard to see.

All the scrabble tiles in this set of tiles have a resolution of 256x256 pixels. A few days ago, I only added the 26 letters of the alphabet but I have forgotten to add a blank tile. If you want to have the full set of tiles, then redownload all the 27 tiles. The blank tile is always worth zero points in a scrabble game. The purpose of blank tiles in a game of scrabble is to help players choose any letter of the alphabet to make a word. Blank tiles can help you in situations when you want to make a word, using all your tiles in your rack to make a word bonus of 50 points. A typical game of scrabble has two tiles, whilst a 200 tile scrabble game has four blank tiles. In reality, blank tiles are part of a separate set, simply because they do not have a letter on them.

When printing out those letter templates, you may experience the shade of brown to be slightly brighter or dimmer than what's displayed on your computer screen, depending on the brand and manufacturer of your printer. Make sure to use a printer that uses the very best color balance and best paper quality to achieve the best possible printing results.

There are no true brown tiles for sale on Amazon or eBay, but there are some sets of wooden tiles available for purchase in sets of 300 tiles. The 300 tiles set follows the exact same distribution of letters as you would normally receive with 100 tiles. Buy the 300 wooden scrabble tiles on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Zcaukya-Scrabble-Capital-Pendants-Spelling/dp/B07Y6W1VCZ/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=300+scrabble+tiles&qid=1607029378&sr=8-5

Those wooden tiles of 300 tiles are manufactured by Zcaukya. This brand is a professional manufacturer of wooden tiles for scrabble games. Players can make their own scrabble boards themselves and buy the tiles online. There are many color choices available to suit player's look when creating a scrabble game.

Anyone who has a woodworking shop can make a professionally looking scrabble board with four scrabble ranks and all what's left is to purchase the corresponding scrabble tiles to suit the color that matches your scrabble board game.

All my scrabble tiles are brown in this set, like I mentioned above. They are truly brown and includes all the letters of the alphabet. There are no blanks though, because I will make a separate set containing all the colored blank tiles. A normal distribution set of 100 tiles includes 98 letters and 2 blanks. However, if you create your own gaming tiles yourself, you can make 100 letter tiles and 2 blanks which are part of a separate set. For example, you can add one more "G" and one more "Z" because that is appropriate. That would not disturb the game balance, but give an opportunity for players to make words with double "Z" like "pizza", or words ending with common suffixes like "ing" in the English language version of scrabble.

If you are not happy with the original scrabble distribution, then you can create your own custom distribution of letters. For the very best distribution of scrabble tiles, I would recommend 250 tiles containing all letters from A to Z and four blank tiles as a separate set. If you do make such a custom letter distribution, then you need to follow and respect the overall game balance between each letter distribution. Please read this Wikipedia page on scrabble letter distributions here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrabble_letter_distributions

Each and every version of scrabble in different languages have their own respective average letter distributions. In my opinion, I hate odd distributions like 9 A, 3 V, 1 Z and so on, so I like to keep the distribution of my scrabble tiles even by adding one more letter to make an even distribution of each of the letters. You will need to properly and thoroughly calculate the size and number of squares on your custom board to make sure that all the letters can fit to have enough space available to make words if you make a custom letter distribution of 250 letters. For that, you will need a board size of 25x25 squares to make sure that all the 250 tiles, plus 4 blanks fits on the board properly to create a properly balanced and playable custom scrabble board game.

During those hard times we have in this world right now with the lockdown, it is the perfect time to be creative at home by creating your own preferred and custom game of scrabble. The materials needed to create your own custom game of scrabble can be paper, dense cardboard, wood, or even aluminum. If using wood or aluminum, a woodwork or metal craft store is needed with the correct machinery equipment will be required.

When I create cursor sets and icon sets, I always write a good and very well detailed description so you may wonder (why is there so much to read?). Well, the short answer is to give other users and downloaders around the world, a deep and well presented insight into my cursor sets and icon sets to make sure they are utilized properly and I also give a professionally written information and knowledge that will help others understand the purposes and how to used my collections of cursors and icons. If you need help, I will always try my very best to assist you.

I have also shared this newly made brown set of scrabble tiles of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage even more users around the world to download this set of scrabble tiles and other as well. Please continue to spread the word by sharing this set of brown scrabble tiles as much as possible so more and more people can download it. Downloading is free, so what are you waiting for. Keep sharing and more people will pass the word on to download this superb icon set.

I hope that you enjoyed reading all my context above. If you have any questions, then please ask me and I will help you shortly. Post questions and comments in the comments below. One last note: If you need a "scrabble set of tiles in a specific color that I forgot to add", simply ask me and I will do my best to make this color available on the RealWorld website. If I cannot make a specific color for any reason, I will state the reason why I could not do so in the comments below. Thank you for downloading my (brown scrabble tiles).

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user icon Bobcat registered user on December 4th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

I like that shade of brown. Surprisingly enough, the letters are still visible. Not much else to say, since the tiles are all the same except the color. The description was way too long :-D so I skipped it, but that did not take any points.

user icon Speechless registered user on December 4th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

This shade of brown reminds me of cherry-finished wood, and it has a very nice look. Good job! I also read the description (it took me about 5 minutes) and that is a very nice brown hue. Really enjoyable. :-D

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 4th 2020

I am glad you like that shade of brown. It has a dazzling look that makes it look wooden. It is true that this shade of brown does give an effect of cherry-finished wood. That effect is cool and it blends in ever so nicely with the black letters.

Please thoroughly read my description. It is important that you read it, regardless of how long it is. I was patient enough to write the one page long description.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 5th 2020

This set has a new blank tile. Please make sure to redownload this set and all my other scrabble tiles sets to have the blank with the set. The downloading of icons and cursors are zip files, so make sure that you have a software application such as 7-zip, WinRAR or WinZip installed on your computer.

user icon Huh_ registered user on December 6th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

Great job again! That pure brown colour sticks so good with the black letters, they arent hard to see

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 6th 2020

Thank you. I did do a great job as always. That's true that this pure brown sticks so well with the black letters. I also now have a maroon scrabble tiles set which has the black letters that blends well with the maroon color. You can take a look at it and then comment and rate. I am sure you will like my maroon set as well.

user icon Anonymous on June 19th 2021

I read this entire description out loud to my friends, it took a while, and was weirdly punctualized. Can you make a scrabble set in fucsia, love your work. xx :-D

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 19th 2021

I have a magenta pink scrabble tile set. Search for it and you will see it.

user icon 3DPrinter registered user on November 2nd 2023

5 out of 5 stars.

This set has become a kind of legend of this place for me. This site already has a different feeling to it, but honestly, I remember this particular set of icons the most.
I remember randomly coming across this one and read all the description. I was baffled about how much thought was put into the colour of the set, and honestly amazed by it. You don't always find many people explaining their colour choices so extensively, and this set and description has become, as I said earlier, a very unique thing.
This site already feels like its own enviorment. Like it has its own set of users, let me explain: Different social media attract different people, like Facebook is mostly used by adults, Twitter (or X, I suppose) by people really hooked up with the everyday news and scandal, Instagram by companies and teenagers that use it to not use Facebook, Tumblr by the Hellsite™ people, you name it.
But this place? unlike the others, this site looks like it still has remnants of the past. Remnants of a previous era of the internet. And I think the people here are peculiar too- they are their own thing. This whole space feels like a secluded area from the world, and honestly, this may be one of the main reasons I spend most of my time here.
I went off on a tangent there, but basically:
Thank you for making icons and cursors :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 3rd 2023

Brown is rare for icons. That is why I made a brown scrabble tile set. My ambition, when I made all my scrabble tiles sets were to release them all in all different colors. I have included all the colors. Brown is a very good choice.

I am always very thorough with my descriptions when I write them for both cursors and icons. I am a very well explanative person. Most people are lazy with their descriptions, but I am the one who explains every little details about the cursors and icons I create and share on this site.

You are correct. This website, (RealWorld), has a feeling from the past because the way this website was designed. I also prefer how websites looked like in the heydays of Windows XP, because those websites were very explanative with text, buttons organized in a proper way to follow links to subpages, and small images to describe items as to what the text reflect it to be.

Now, websites look ugly with too many huge background images and large images making websites look like photo albums, and very little text explaining the content of the website. See how bad the internet look like today, compared to how good it used to look like during the good old days of Windows XP. Those Windows XP days were the best times for the internet and how web pages were displayed like. I agree with the above statement you made above.

You are welcome to like any of the cursor sets and icons sets I have to offer you on my profile. I have plenty for all users to download and enjoy, comment, share and rate. Many thanks.

user icon Anonymous