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RealWorld Photos 2015.1 released

Released on October 5th 2015.

This version of RealWorld Photos brings a new user interface for batch operations. Selecting files or folders to process is more comfortable and only files that can be processed by the currently selected batch operations are shown. Users are now able to fast switch between recently used configurations for selected batch operations.

Various codec improvements and bug fixes.

RealWorld Photos 2013.1 released

Released on September 21st 2013. Old version archive.

Version 2013 includes many updates from RWPaint 2013.1, including:

  • Shape tool for creating shapes and selections from Bezier arcs.
  • Image brush now respects active color if the pattern is monochrome.
  • Polygon tool with configurable start shape.
  • Out-of-canvas content supported.
  • Effects automatically remember up to 5 last configurations and allow you to return to them or to reset values to defaults.
  • Color picker and fill style selector were merged and simplified.
  • Redesigned tool configuration panels.
  • Two-column window layout with Layers panel on the left side and a new Media panel on the right side.
  • More types of downloadable media packs and easier application of downloaded styles.
  • Improved .psd import - vector masks are imported as vector layers.
  • ...and many minor improvements.

RealWorld Photos 2011.1

Released on March 30th 2011. Old version archive.

This version adds new drawing tools like lasso or shape-shifter and new or improved image effects. The editor is more friendly to new users. It contains a simplified user interface with selected core tools. Experienced users may easily switch to a more complex user interface with all functions.

Notable changes:

  • Redesigned Online page with tutorials and plug-ins.
  • Support for community-powered translations.
  • Lasso drawing tool that is also usable with the selection modifier to perform lasso selections.
  • Redesigned layer style configuration window.
  • Shapeshifter drawing tool for interactive deformation (similar to Photoshop's Liquify).
  • Accepting expressions instead of numbers ("64+64" instead of 128) in various places.
  • Improved text tool, allowing rotating and bending text.
  • New icons for image effects.
  • ...and many more.

RealWorld Photos 2008.1

Released on December 31st 2008. Old version archive.

This is the first publicly available version of RealWorld Photos and has the following features:

  • Lossless and parially lossless retouching of .jpg files.
  • Flexible cloning tool, red-eye remover and general retouching (local sharpen, soften, desaturate, ...) tool.
  • Gamma-aware blending (optimized for sRGB color space).
  • Configurable batch processing with drag and drop user interface, including droplet creation support.
  • A powerful general-purpose image editor supporting layers with effects.
  • Nifty tool for easy comic bubble creation.
  • ...and many more.

RealWorld Photos 2007.1 public beta

Released on December 29th 2007. Old version archive.

Important: This is version marked as "beta" does not contain all planned functions and did not undergo a thorough testing. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The purpose of the beta release is to gather feedback. Please feel free to add your comments or suggestions.

Licensing of the beta

The beta version may be used freely for both personal and commercial purposes. It will expire on December 31st 2008. The final version is planned for summer 2008.

Licensing for the final version is not set yet, the most probably variant is that the application will be distributed as freeware with the exception of the lossless JPEG modification functionality.

Missing features and known errors

  • Setting of fill style and outline properties of ellipses and rectangles will be simplified in the final version.
  • Editing of text files is not stable enough to be used. This functionality is there to allow you to for example generate a html code when batch-resizing images and should not be used yet.
  • The procedure of plug-in installation will be simplified.
  • It will be possible to modify EXIF tags.
  • Color profiles will be taken into account.
  • It will be possible to open and import photos in RAW format.
  • Drawing tools will be more configurable.
  • New image filters will be introduced (according to user requests).
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