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This art is based on comuter or desk games.

Genshin Impact TeaserGenshin Impact Cursors
by LisSweetie4396Genshin Impact Cursors
Genshin Impact 2 TeaserGenshin Impact 2 Cursors
by LisSweetie1737Genshin Impact Cursors 2
Paimon TeaserPaimon Cursors
by LisSweetie3947Emergency Food from Genshin Impact
Kaeya Alberich TeaserKaeya Alberich Cursors
by LisSweetie3550Kaeya Alberich from Genshin Impact
Diluc Ragnvindr TeaserDiluc Ragnvindr Cursors
by LisSweetie4557Diluc Ragnvindr from Genshin Impact
Klee TeaserKlee Cursors
by LisSweetie6755Klee from Genshin Impact
Espeon Pokemon Pointers Pack TeaserEspeon Pokemon Pointers Pack Cursors
by Pontoon632Espeon Pokemon Pointers Pack, inspired by Pokemon.
Cuphead TeaserCuphead Cursors
by Frangel ッ1204Cuphead: Don't Deal with Devil.
Luffy Giant Batle 2 TeaserLuffy Giant Batle 2 Cursors
by Frangel ッ1376"Luffy New World, sprites database One Piece: Giant Batle 2"
Luffy Water 7 HD TeaserLuffy Water 7 HD Cursors
by Frangel ッ1447"Jump Up All Star DX Ultimate Game, Sprites From Sprites Resource"
Mario Maker TeaserMario Maker Cursors
by Frangel ッ421"Mario Maker Cursors, Sprites Modification Super Star Saga"
Full Rainbow! TeaserFull Rainbow! Cursors
by Frangel ッ981"New Cursors, Created for my"
Venti Barbatos TeaserVenti Barbatos Cursors
by LisSweetie5022Venti from Genshin Impact
Xiao Yaksha TeaserXiao Yaksha Cursors
by LisSweetie7990Xiao from Genshin Impact
Sagan's TeaserSagan's Cursors
by The Derpy Girl142My own cursor set I use every day.
New Mario Super Star Saga TeaserNew Mario Super Star Saga Cursors
by Frangel ッ1167"Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Sprites from Sprit...
Paula TeaserPaula Cursors
by The Derpy Girl289A set of cursors of my favorite Earthbound character.
New Sonic TeaserNew Sonic Cursors
by Frangel ッ4247"New Sonic Cursors, Sprites from Sprites Resource"
Mobile legends TeaserMobile legends Cursors
Bowser TeaserBowser Cursors
by Frangel ッ517 Bowser Cursors, Sprites From "Sprites Resource"
Monkey D. Luffy TeaserMonkey D. Luffy Cursors
by Frangel ッ737Luffy Marineford Cursors, Sprites from "Sprites Resource"
AmogOS TeaserAmogOS Cursors
by amogus5826582353A Sweet AmogOS Remake,
Zoro Roronoa TeaserZoro Roronoa Cursors
by Frangel ッ1312Zoro Roronoa Cursors, Sprites from "Sprites Resource"
Luffy Incomplete TeaserLuffy Incomplete Cursors
by Frangel ッ26 El puntero no esta completo por falta de animaciones y sprites, solo...
Cartoony TeaserCartoony Cursors
by Jolas466a random cartoony cursor i made in just some hours let me know if i f...
roblox avatars Teaserroblox avatars Icons
by Jolas239random roblox avatar users
Vinsmoke Sanji TeaserVinsmoke Sanji Cursors
by Frangel ッ351Vinsmoke Sanji Cursors, sprites from "Sprites Resource"
Albedo Kreideprinz TeaserAlbedo Kreideprinz Cursors
by LisSweetie2698Albedo Kreideprinz from Genshin Impact
Hu Tao TeaserHu Tao Cursors
by LisSweetie8527Hu Tao from Genshin Impact
Razor TeaserRazor Cursors
by LisSweetie2011Razor from Genshin Impact
Street Fighter II Animated Pack TeaserStreet Fighter II Animated Pack Cursors
by Earn225Animated cursor set featuring characters from Street Fighter II by Ca...
Rainbow Six Siege Weapon Sights TeaserRainbow Six Siege Weapon Sights Cursors
by nomnom565The old weapon sights available in Rainbow Six Siege. This set includ...
RPG Tools Pack TeaserRPG Tools Pack Cursors
by SuperLuigi1172RPG Tools Set from no specific game. This set replaces every cursor f...
Venom TeaserVenom Cursors
by Frangel ッ618Venom Cursors, hola mis amigos he vuelto he tomado un descanso xD, we...
Carnage TeaserCarnage Cursors
by Frangel ッ1412"Carnage Cursors" author Frangel :) Sprites from "Sprites Resource" H...
Cookie Clicker TeaserCookie Clicker Cursors
by HB79do you like cookies? do you like clicking? do you like cookie clicker...
Spooky Month Among us dance TeaserSpooky Month Among us dance Cursors
by BAZZI148_(!*@_(*!@_#908234-1908-948-19UJL1J2E30-81-3408-1048OHJ14JKH34JH09178...
New Luigi TeaserNew Luigi Cursors
by Frangel ッ863-L-Project- New Luigi Cursors. Hola de nuevo amigos se que no he sido...
Naruto TeaserNaruto Cursors
by Frangel ッ1702Naruto Cursors Sprites from "Sprites Resource"
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