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This art is based on comuter or desk games.

New Chroma-ish Spaceship-Esque Upwards TeaserNew Chroma-ish Spaceship-Esque Upwards Cursors
by alex906New set of chroma-esque and spaceship-esque cursors. Fixed to have mo...
Inkling TeaserInkling Cursors
by Bobcat764I only saw two Splatoon sets, so I decided I should add one too. Spla...
PFP TeaserPFP Cursors
Enter the Gungeon selection Bullet Kin TeaserEnter the Gungeon selection Bullet Kin Cursors
by gpapid82Small random selection of EtG cursors
Best Junkyard TeaserBest Junkyard Cursors
by Dark_Samus841I have already done weird junkyard cursors... Now it's time for the b...
Wand TeaserWand Cursors
by ⓟⓘⓚⓐⓒⓗⓤⓡⓤⓢ312This is super simple(except unvailable and hand writing) wand cursor,...
Scrabble Boards TeaserScrabble Boards Icons
by RIDDLER23In addition to all my scrabble game tiles I have made sometime ago, I...
GT TeaserGT Cursors
by VAGELIS2417GT full animated cursors is finaly here... Inspired by Gran Turismo 5...
Yoshi TeaserYoshi Cursors
by The Derpy Girl2099This is finally done, my first submission in forever. I wanted to giv...
SNES TeaserSNES Cursors
by The Derpy Girl157Original cursor here:
Red TeaserRed Cursors
by sGhostyBatata427Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red
NES TeaserNES Cursors
by The Derpy Girl304Original cursor here:
Meloetta Animated (Redrawn) TeaserMeloetta Animated (Redrawn) Cursors
by LunaMaple648577-Most credit goes to RW Designer user, Noodles
cod boz wonder weapons 4.0 Teasercod boz wonder weapons 4.0 Cursors
by Tank Dempsey1141This pack has everyone of my previous beautiful creations of wonder w...
Destiny 2 complete TeaserDestiny 2 complete Cursors
by HellendenGamer1982this a more complete set of animated destiny 2 themed cursors
TerraCurs TeaserTerraCurs Cursors
by HiKoNe1462Windows Cursors from Terraria game.
osu!Cursors Teaserosu!Cursors Cursors
by ProjectPokdt656for the osu! gamers this is obviously a bad cursor set but i will try...
Pixel world swords and blocks TeaserPixel world swords and blocks Cursors
by BAZZI709so this is my pixel world cursors but low quality
Cartoon Hand TeaserCartoon Hand Cursors
by Bobcat1116This is actually the hand from pokemon quest. I loved it, and I reall...
Planet Zoo TeaserPlanet Zoo Icons
by RIDDLER27Here is an icon set for a simulator named Planet Zoo. Planet Zoo simu...
Red Blue Gradient App TeaserRed Blue Gradient App Icons
by Insane Games469These won't look perfect because use an online photoshop sorta websit...
C TeaserC Cursors
Stardew Valley TeaserStardew Valley Cursors
by Frog_Lilly2194I really wanted a stardew valley cursor set, but there weren't any, s...
Taurence.Bass TeaserTaurence.Bass Cursors
by Montreal62I just like it a lot
Gaming TeaserGaming Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ26kIn one hour, I made this set. Enjoy! (Most voted set to make).
Nights edge (Terraria) TeaserNights edge (Terraria) Cursors
by nightklp1793yeah some of are not nights edge well srry or copy if you see copy go...
Terraria gamemode TeaserTerraria gamemode Cursors
by nightklp992all set are complete ill add more cursor good luck :-)
fnf arrows Teaserfnf arrows Cursors
by 2mG2047A very basic friday night funkin arrow set. I'm open to suggestions o...
Axe TeaserAxe Cursors
by Pro81391514Cool weapon (axe) cursors
Retro Wave TeaserRetro Wave Cursors
by inactive account7840Made in about 10 hours, here is the Retro Wave cursor set. Winner of ...
Funkin' TeaserFunkin' Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ2129In two days, I made this insane cursor pack. I animated everything! I...
E TeaserE Cursors
Gaming TeaserGaming Cursors
by Diamond117For those who love gaming and cursors here are some cursors about Gam...
Minecraft Gamemode TeaserMinecraft Gamemode Cursors
by nightklp1058Someone request me to do mine craft cursor Requested by uknown idk wh...
Alex TeaserAlex Cursors
by Bobcat1632I haven't been really interested in making cursors lately, so I haven...
Refurbished Minecraft TeaserRefurbished Minecraft Cursors
by The Derpy Girl1209Refurbished from ...
Assorted Undertale TeaserAssorted Undertale Cursors
by LunarDragon618947Various Undertale themed cursors
Valorant Prism Color TeaserValorant Prism Color Cursors
by nightklp10kThis is requested by ファントム you can visit on this link :-) h...
[Early Access] Iconic Maplestory Teaser[Early Access] Iconic Maplestory Cursors
by Kiara506Welcome to Original Maplestory Cursor For those who's a fan of Maples...
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