oriolego's Art - sets #1-24

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Icon and cursor sets by oriolego

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Lefty the arrow TeaserLefty the arrow Cursors
by oriolego71my first upload. nothing fancy, just an arrow named Lefty. how cute.
Super Mario 64 TeaserSuper Mario 64 Cursors
by oriolego2342It's-a me! Mario!
LEGO bricks TeaserLEGO bricks Cursors
by oriolego522cursors themed like LEGOs. the arrow has a stud on it.
i mouse Teaseri mouse Cursors
by oriolego307this set was themed after an idog (r)
ninja weapons Teaserninja weapons Cursors
by oriolego702LEGO NINJAGO weapons.
civil war Teasercivil war Cursors
by oriolego466my brother requested these.
black w/ blue trim Teaserblack w/ blue trim Cursors
by oriolego5553intended to be tron, until I realized how suckish they were.
DTL Jowee TeaserDTL Jowee Cursors
by oriolego544sprites from spriters-resource.com I didn't make the alternate/pen cu...
DTL Mari TeaserDTL Mari Cursors
by oriolego635More sprite cursors. Ripped by RedBlueYellow.
Split TeaserSplit Cursors
by oriolego440the cursor has been split in half, allowing it to do many new things.
NES SMB Mario TeaserNES SMB Mario Cursors
by oriolego1098any graphics that dont appear in the sprites were drawn by hand. spri...
DTL Wilfre (shadow) TeaserDTL Wilfre (shadow) Cursors
by oriolego779I struugled to include all the shadow vapor in the 32x32 drawing fiel...
Candy Corn TeaserCandy Corn Cursors
by oriolego568perfect for October, made in the style of my Lego cursors.
Gilded Ruby TeaserGilded Ruby Cursors
by oriolego505based on the "metallic ring with glass bubble icon" tutorial, with di...
programming Teaserprogramming Cursors
by oriolego3971you can say to these what you said to my "tron" cursors, but at least...
transforming XP Teasertransforming XP Cursors
by oriolego358wait 'til grandpa gets a load a' theese! lol *update* improved resizi...
Missile TeaserMissile Cursors
by oriolego1538Take flight and go boom with these missile cursors!
dripping/wet Teaserdripping/wet Cursors
by oriolego674a set of water-colored dripping wet cursors, inspired by Vlasta's ani...
Pepperminty TeaserPepperminty Cursors
by oriolego1446a set of texture-filled, simple-shaded, peppermint cursors. Kind of C...
my hands Teasermy hands Cursors
by oriolego2859cursors made from video files of my hands against blue.
Bluelectric TeaserBluelectric Cursors
by oriolego1594too bad thumbnails aren't animated, animation is the whole point of t...
by oriolego676played the game on 3ds, thought it was cool, found some sprites, made...
Mega-Man TeaserMega-Man Cursors
by oriolego2256I know there's already TONS on the site, but I made some anyway!most ...
animated emoticons Teaseranimated emoticons Cursors
by oriolego1248a set of emoticons, with animations! HOW TO USE type: [[image:cursor-...
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