StickyChannel92's Art - sets #41-80

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Icon and cursor sets by StickyChannel92

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3D Gold Teaser3D Gold Cursors
by StickyChannel921903Same as the other 3D cursors. This is 3D GOLD here! And again, troubl...
Baby Arrow™ Simple 16-Bit Mario And Luigi TeaserBaby Arrow™ Simple 16-Bit Mario And Luigi Cursors
by StickyChannel921120Ripped from SMA2 - SMW. Precision, Handwriting, Vertical Resize, and ...
Streetlight TeaserStreetlight Cursors
by StickyChannel92970These were from an sprite of some cursors.
Goglus TeaserGoglus Cursors
by StickyChannel92283These were ripped from a sprite sheet of cursors. Some are custom. rs...
Four-Leaf Clover (Good Luck) TeaserFour-Leaf Clover (Good Luck) Cursors
by StickyChannel92460Hand-drawn. I have modified a four-leaf clover: icon-image/8970-32x32...
Tetris TeaserTetris Cursors
by StickyChannel92269Ripped from the GBA game. The button cursor is for CursorFX. 1's are ...
Polar Obsidian TeaserPolar Obsidian Cursors
by StickyChannel921815Another cursor set from Deviant Art. The cursors are already shadowed...
Mario Gant TeaserMario Gant Cursors
by StickyChannel9211kAnother cursor set from Deviant Art. Kind of looks like a hand from M...
Smiley TeaserSmiley Cursors
by StickyChannel92146Another cursor set from Deviant Art.
UNDERSized TeaserUNDERSized Cursors
by StickyChannel92520Another cursor set from Deviant Art. The link select has a usual hots...
Trowel TeaserTrowel Cursors
by StickyChannel92155Another Set from Deviant Art.
Vigyori (Smiley) TeaserVigyori (Smiley) Cursors
by StickyChannel92323Another set from Deviant Art.
ML Blau TeaserML Blau Cursors
by StickyChannel92831Another set from Deviant Art.
Megaman TeaserMegaman Cursors
by StickyChannel921568Ripped a sheet to RWCE. Characters: Megaman, Dr. Light, Roll, and Rush.
Super Mario Bros TeaserSuper Mario Bros Cursors
by StickyChannel92904I ripped these from the original game. Bonus: New-Old SMB cursors added.
Simple TeaserSimple Cursors
by StickyChannel92876I made this with RealWorld cursor editor. Hope you enjoy. |3/18/2016|...
Social Media TeaserSocial Media Icons
by StickyChannel92391Simple icons for social media.
Baby Arrow™ Revamped Super Mario World TeaserBaby Arrow™ Revamped Super Mario World Cursors
by StickyChannel921837Recoloured from the following set. Click on the link for the older se...
(Windows 8) Aero Beveled Teaser(Windows 8) Aero Beveled Cursors
by StickyChannel921038Used a Windows 8 cursor theme and beveled it with RWCE.
Leaf TeaserLeaf Cursors
by StickyChannel92961For "TOTM Contest - April".
Hackneyed (Reloaded) TeaserHackneyed (Reloaded) Cursors
by StickyChannel92296I found the sprite sheet from Google and converted the Linux cursors ...
Windows 8 Windows Logo TeaserWindows 8 Windows Logo Cursors
by StickyChannel92569Added Windows Logo designs to the cursors. |4/11/2016|Set created |- ...
Math Arrow TeaserMath Arrow Cursors
by StickyChannel92105Used the online cursor editor on this site and added symbols.
Baby Arrow™ Pac-Maniac TeaserBaby Arrow™ Pac-Maniac Cursors
by StickyChannel92530Ripped from Pac-Maniac from the NES game.
Mac OS X: Different Kinds of Hands TeaserMac OS X: Different Kinds of Hands Cursors
by StickyChannel922573Edited by Spaceman. Original hand by Apple.
Yet Some More Tetris TeaserYet Some More Tetris Cursors
by StickyChannel92246Ripped from a Tetris game. Enjoy! |4/15/2016|Set created |- |=== 2/4/...
Baby Arrow™ Console TeaserBaby Arrow™ Console Cursors
by StickyChannel92170100% made from scratch. These are supposed to be like consoles, being...
Office 360 TeaserOffice 360 Icons
by StickyChannel92587These were from DeviantArt. They look like the icons from Office 360.
Microsoft Office 2010 TeaserMicrosoft Office 2010 Icons
by StickyChannel92618These were from DeviantArt. They look like the icons from Microsoft O...
Open Zone (Remixed) TeaserOpen Zone (Remixed) Cursors
by StickyChannel92461Another Linux cursor set. A sprite sheet converted into cursors. Enjoy!
3D Ruby and Emerald Teaser3D Ruby and Emerald Cursors
by StickyChannel92318Christmas themed. Check Out My Other 3D Uno Cursors [[cursor:83974]] ...
Bluecurve (Reloaded) TeaserBluecurve (Reloaded) Cursors
by StickyChannel92503Converted by Dazzla. Enjoy!
Fedora (Reloaded) TeaserFedora (Reloaded) Cursors
by StickyChannel92323I found the sheets on
Neon Rainbow TeaserNeon Rainbow Cursors
by StickyChannel922472These are from DeviantArt. These are available in 8 colours (except t...
Bluecurve Inverse (Remixed) TeaserBluecurve Inverse (Remixed) Cursors
by StickyChannel92420A Linux cursor from DeviantArt.
Neon Rainbow Animated TeaserNeon Rainbow Animated Cursors
by StickyChannel923476Sequel to the Neon Rainbow Cursor Set. These are also from DeviantAr...
Chocolate TeaserChocolate Cursors
by StickyChannel92502These were from DeviantArt. I fixed the hotspots on the cursors, beca...
Cookie TeaserCookie Cursors
by StickyChannel92407These were from DeviantArt. I fixed the hotspots, because they weren'...
Rainbow TeaserRainbow Cursors
by StickyChannel92598These were from DeviantArt. I fixed the hotspots, because they weren'...
Rainbow Mac OS X TeaserRainbow Mac OS X Cursors
by StickyChannel92808These were from DeviantArt. Each cursor has 24 frames, except for Wor...
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