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You can make your own cursor icon here. To make it a cursor, open your file in RW cursor editor, and find the cursor icon on a toolbar, change size to 32 by 32 pixels, and click OK, then you have a cursor!
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  • Click on a picture to add it to the composition.
  • Some groups allow selecting more pictures.
  • Click the download button to save the icon to your computer.

Image code:


1-arrow-1.png 1-arrow-2.png 1-arrow-3.png 1-arrow-4.png 1-arrow-5.png 1-arrow-6.png 1-arrow-7.png 1-arrow-8.png 1-arrow-9.png 1-arrow-big-1.png 1-arrow-big-2.png 1-arrow-big-3.png 1-arrow-big-4.png 1-arrow-big-5.png 1-arrow-big-6.png 1-arrow-big-7.png 1-arrow-big-8.png 1-arrow-big-9.png

Letter 1

2-letter-a.png 2-letter-b.png 2-letter-c.png 2-letter-d.png 2-letter-e.png 2-letter-f.png 2-letter-g.png 2-letter-h.png 2-letter-i.png 2-letter-j.png 2-letter-k.png 2-letter-l.png 2-letter-m.png 2-letter-n.png 2-letter-o.png 2-letter-p.png 2-letter-q.png 2-letter-r.png 2-letter-s.png 2-letter-t.png 2-letter-u.png 2-letter-v.png 2-letter-w.png 2-letter-x.png 2-letter-y.png 2-letter-z.png

Letter 2

3-letter-a.png 3-letter-b.png 3-letter-c.png 3-letter-d.png 3-letter-e.png 3-letter-f.png 3-letter-g.png 3-letter-h.png 3-letter-i.png 3-letter-j.png 3-letter-k.png 3-letter-l.png 3-letter-m.png 3-letter-n.png 3-letter-o.png 3-letter-p.png 3-letter-q.png 3-letter-r.png 3-letter-s.png 3-letter-t.png 3-letter-u.png 3-letter-v.png 3-letter-w.png 3-letter-x.png 3-letter-y.png 3-letter-z.png

Letter 3

4-letter-a.png 4-letter-b.png 4-letter-c.png 4-letter-d.png 4-letter-e.png 4-letter-f.png 4-letter-g.png 4-letter-h.png 4-letter-i.png 4-letter-j.png 4-letter-k.png 4-letter-l.png 4-letter-m.png 4-letter-n.png 4-letter-o.png 4-letter-p.png 4-letter-q.png 4-letter-r.png 4-letter-s.png 4-letter-t.png 4-letter-u.png 4-letter-v.png 4-letter-w.png 4-letter-x.png 4-letter-y.png 4-letter-z.png

Letter 4

5-letter-a.png 5-letter-b.png 5-letter-c.png 5-letter-d.png 5-letter-e.png 5-letter-f.png 5-letter-g.png 5-letter-h.png 5-letter-i.png 5-letter-j.png 5-letter-k.png 5-letter-l.png 5-letter-m.png 5-letter-n.png 5-letter-o.png 5-letter-p.png 5-letter-q.png 5-letter-r.png 5-letter-s.png 5-letter-t.png 5-letter-u.png 5-letter-v.png 5-letter-w.png 5-letter-x.png 5-letter-y.png 5-letter-z.png

Letter 5

6-letter-a.png 6-letter-b.png 6-letter-c.png 6-letter-d.png 6-letter-e.png 6-letter-f.png 6-letter-g.png 6-letter-h.png 6-letter-i.png 6-letter-j.png 6-letter-k.png 6-letter-l.png 6-letter-m.png 6-letter-n.png 6-letter-o.png 6-letter-p.png 6-letter-q.png 6-letter-r.png 6-letter-s.png 6-letter-t.png 6-letter-u.png 6-letter-v.png 6-letter-w.png 6-letter-x.png 6-letter-y.png 6-letter-z.png

Letter 6

7-letter-a.png 7-letter-b.png 7-letter-c.png 7-letter-d.png 7-letter-e.png 7-letter-f.png 7-letter-g.png 7-letter-h.png 7-letter-i.png 7-letter-j.png 7-letter-k.png 7-letter-l.png 7-letter-m.png 7-letter-n.png 7-letter-o.png 7-letter-p.png 7-letter-q.png 7-letter-r.png 7-letter-s.png 7-letter-t.png 7-letter-u.png 7-letter-v.png 7-letter-w.png 7-letter-x.png 7-letter-y.png 7-letter-z.png

Letter 7

8-letter-a.png 8-letter-b.png 8-letter-c.png 8-letter-d.png 8-letter-e.png 8-letter-f.png 8-letter-g.png 8-letter-h.png 8-letter-i.png 8-letter-j.png 8-letter-k.png 8-letter-l.png 8-letter-m.png 8-letter-n.png 8-letter-o.png 8-letter-p.png 8-letter-q.png 8-letter-r.png 8-letter-s.png 8-letter-t.png 8-letter-u.png 8-letter-v.png 8-letter-w.png 8-letter-x.png 8-letter-y.png 8-letter-z.png

Letter 8

9-letter-a.png 9-letter-b.png 9-letter-c.png 9-letter-d.png 9-letter-e.png 9-letter-f.png 9-letter-g.png 9-letter-h.png 9-letter-i.png 9-letter-j.png 9-letter-k.png 9-letter-l.png 9-letter-m.png 9-letter-n.png 9-letter-o.png 9-letter-p.png 9-letter-q.png 9-letter-r.png 9-letter-s.png 9-letter-t.png 9-letter-u.png 9-letter-v.png 9-letter-w.png 9-letter-x.png 9-letter-y.png 9-letter-z.png


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5 out of 5 stars.

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10/10 :-D s

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,em llik tsum uoy ,emag eht niw oT
                         !xoF yboT
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5 out of 5 stars.


user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on January 18th 2019

@Batuzanx who wrote:


Thanks! :-D
You are supposed to use it as a cursor if you wanted to.

@Paradise Murderer who wrote:


Thanks! :-D

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5 out of 5 stars.

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OMG, I Love This!

Can I share this link with others?

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I wish that I could spell my nickname "RIDDLER" on the same line.

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What about ICL files?