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Hi, im a person that love to making cursors! Sometimes im get some hate, but haters can say what they want, i dont care about it!

My friends:

Upcoming cursors: I dont think their are coming new cursors, but im going to upload old cursors again.

Cursors from me:
Futuristiccc (2 times)
Orange Red
Black Fire
Blue Fire
Black White
The Future (2 times)

Latest art

Black Fire TeaserBlack Fire Cursors
by miauwicat36Yep, i upload them again. The last time it got 5000 downloads, omg, s...
The Future TeaserThe Future Cursors
by miauwicat4763Hi, old cursors are reuploaded again! Here the Future cursors, hope y...
Futuristiccc TeaserFuturisticcc Cursors
by miauwicat3445Hi, finally cursors again. They are not original, as I have already p...
The Future TeaserThe Future Cursors
by miauwicat562Hi, i made finally new cursors. Hope you will like it! And Text Selec...
Black White TeaserBlack White Cursors
by miauwicat986Hi, i made new cursors! These one are made really fast. This is like ...
Blue Fire TeaserBlue Fire Cursors
by miauwicat1287Hi! This cursors are like a copy of the Black Fire cursors but then i...
Black Fire TeaserBlack Fire Cursors
by miauwicat5573Hi! I made new cursors! I did not know a name, thats why its simple c...
Orange Red TeaserOrange Red Cursors
by miauwicat1211Hi, i made new cursors! This are made really fast, hope you like it!
Futuristiccc TeaserFuturisticcc Cursors
by miauwicat1131Hi, sorry that im not uploading cursors! I was on vacantionnn. But th...
Comb TeaserComb Cursors
by miauwicat932Hi, this cursors are made really fast. It was just for the fun and ki...

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Is this your cat? Very nice pet.

user icon miauwicat registered user on December 6th 2018

Hi RIDDLER, it was my cat. I had 2 cats, they were twins. The one you see now died last year. Now I have one cat, so the twins you see on the photo.

Now i set the twins as foto!

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What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons
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I wish there were...