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Unknown author (2008-12-15 00:00:00):


Zigzag (2009-12-29 16:18:41 / 0.5 stars):

Wtf... their all the same man...

sixλxis (2010-02-09 18:49:10 / 2 stars):

yeah wtf this isn't very good

Unknown author (2010-10-09 06:55:59):


Jayce (2010-12-21 23:49:08):

mine has bad quality when using it

JDDellGuy (2011-01-04 06:06:45 / 3.5 stars):

They're not THAT bad. But the theme is a little too monotonous.

Unknown author (2011-03-31 23:10:44):

I like your idea, really nice design, ingenious. Gratz.

jojois74 (2011-09-06 01:13:24 / 3.5 stars):

They are nice, nice, nice, nice, nice! A little bit boring, but cool. Diagonal 2 should go back into the plane, not disappear. Text should be vertical. Maybe if they spun when they came out, the effect would be GREAT. The link should be different, maybe the plane should have wings? I like the 3-D effect and the simple black and white appearance. The picture should look different. Unavailable should go from the top left to the bottom right. Precision should have a bigger "+".

The planes should look different from each other.

The move should be turned to make it so the arrows face up down left and right.

Cameron (2011-11-04 16:06:43 / 5 stars):


i really like these, i love how smooth the deign is and how well you have merged the actual cursor with its background, these are not just cursors copied from the original windows cursors as you have a different shape and have made it your own. you have clearly used a time to make this and this shows up through how effective the overall design is. i particularly like the busy cursor as it seems to have a trail whic looks great

Lambor009 (2011-12-06 00:35:05):

alternate select hotspot isi messaed up according to pic

Unknown author (2011-12-27 09:53:40):

badly done. You can't ride a whole set on one cursor image. Each individual image has to be suited for purpose, you can't just have an image pop up declaring 'this is doing this now'

Vojife (2012-03-23 10:59:00 / 5 stars):

This is great! Very simple, but that's perhaps what I like about it! =)

SoaringEagle789 (2012-03-27 19:04:03 / 5 stars):

they are really detailed. nice! :-D

Unknown author (2012-07-20 20:15:10):


SYNTHCRѺ (2012-08-03 18:18:14 / 3 stars):

I agree with JDDellguy, jojois74, Lambor009, and Anonymous(on December 27th 2011)
they all bring up good point and I agree with what they said.


5uperdyl (2013-01-07 14:28:04 / 4.5 stars):

simplicity is the key, and you've definately managed to pull it off here!

Kradrling (2013-01-27 06:11:18 / 4.5 stars):

Original, and the animation is pretty smooth except for you might want to fix the icon sliding back in on the diagonal 2 select. In simpler terms I like it.

Of course, like I saw above, you should make the different cursors more unique. It shows how much work you put into it and makes it more interesting.

deadly bro (2013-03-21 04:54:11 / 4 stars):

the set IS boring but it is not bad it is kinda simple more than it should be

Unknown author (2013-06-22 18:23:08):


Unknown author (2013-09-15 06:45:46):

I could only get one of them. not in a set

Unknown author (2013-10-24 02:49:27):

great! keep it up :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-01 18:54:13):

woooooooooooow it's great

Unknown author (2014-03-19 12:33:49):

tks, its nice !!!

Unknown author (2014-03-29 01:50:35):

It even works on my ancient PC! :-D

Unknown author (2014-04-17 14:17:25):

:-D awesome!

Unknown author (2014-04-23 22:00:15):

how to install

Unknown author (2015-01-05 16:36:34):


how do u install it

Sree (2015-02-13 10:46:11 / 5 stars):

Nice idea. It is a good one. Keep it up and make more.

Unknown author (2015-04-04 22:24:52):

so good <3 :-D :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2015-09-29 14:52:32):

good very good :-D :-D

Unknown author (2016-03-05 13:18:20):

bad!!!!!! |-)

Unknown author (2016-06-08 14:58:57):

but where is the normal ???
;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2016-10-06 23:06:01):

BIRL :-D 8-) |-) |-)

StickyChannel92 (2016-11-09 14:55:34 / 5 stars):

The alternate is offset a bit. This set looks best in quality.

Unknown author (2016-12-30 15:19:55):

good.thanks. :-)

Mig99 (2017-01-29 09:40:58 / 5 stars):

Nice! 8-) :-)

Unknown author (2017-02-25 10:25:53):

nice design good Job

Unknown author (2017-03-12 18:17:50):


TyranicalRex (2017-09-16 19:39:17 / 4 stars):

:-) cool animation!

Unknown author (2017-10-05 15:08:22):

:-) :-)

Unknown author (2017-11-17 16:05:19):



Deadlocked65 (2018-01-07 06:20:31 / 5 stars):

For all of those classroom pranksters! Love it!

Unknown author (2018-04-14 20:09:50):


Nikentomolog (2018-08-12 15:05:33):

I like these plane cursors! look like they are made from paper XD. :-D

Unknown author (2018-08-26 21:20:01):

Really good

veveo007 (2018-09-10 14:23:42 / 5 stars):

keren :-D

TinkThank (2018-09-20 15:57:29 / 5 stars):

a well executed, creative cursor set? here? I don't believe it.

Unknown author (2018-10-03 23:58:18):

nice cursor i love it :-)

Unknown author (2018-10-20 04:32:04):

i hate it

veveo007 (2018-11-30 03:46:16):

awesome 8-) :-D

Unknown author (2018-12-15 14:06:52):

my favourite. :-)

Unknown author (2019-02-23 15:54:32):

How do you install the software

Unknown author (2019-03-04 15:16:02):

it's pretty good

Unknown author (2019-03-06 11:46:13):


Unknown author (2019-03-21 08:45:15):

how to do it'

Unknown author (2019-04-26 09:40:00):

lightning cursors are the best!

Unknown author (2019-05-01 10:23:11):


here's a guide :-)

2ndmowae (2019-06-15 06:08:47 / 4.5 stars):

i grew up making paper planes, i love the detail! maybe a bit more shadow in the centre of the plane, but, other than that, its good! :-D :-D :-D

Galaxy Geek (2019-09-04 09:04:39 / 5 stars):

These are awesome :-D Thank you

Unknown author (2019-09-20 08:01:05):

This is amazing, I even installed and put it on a school computer. XD

Ember Moon (2019-11-14 21:41:26 / 5 stars):

these are so cool and such a great idea to make these too

Ember Moon (2019-11-20 23:14:52):

lol sorry i didn't catch that the alternate select cursor has the hot spot in the wrong place, you might wanna fix that. also does anyone know when the alternate select cursor is every used? i seriously don't even know

Secret (2019-11-22 17:55:25 / 4.5 stars):

the alternate select cursor's hot spot needs to be fixed. i love the animations of how the stuff pops out of the plane. it's great keep making these they're amazing!

Unknown author (2019-12-05 10:33:14):

i put on scool compooter 8-) 8-) 8-)

Rain (2019-12-07 00:35:35 / 4.5 stars):

alternate select hot spot is wrong but apart from that the rest is amazing

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